50 GB of free transfer in Plus card and mix. Just download the application

Plus it has a way to encourage users to use the mobile application. The operator provides subscribers with prepaid services and a mix of up to 50 GB of transfer for a one-time Mobilny Plus Online launch.

Mobile operators allow clients to manage their subscriber accounts in many ways. Instructions can be issued to BOK employees at the helpline. Added to this are online systems on websites and mobile applications.

These types of programs for smartphones and tablets have in their offer some MVNO networks and all infrastructure operators, including Plus. Green telecom now cares about having as many of its customers installed such a program and using the carrot method.

plus an online mobile application

Mobile Plus Online

The Plus network mobile application allows you to manage your customer account. With its help, you can get access to current information related to the billing account, including account balance and get acquainted with the current offer of the network.

In addition, you can purchase additional packages and other services from the application level. Not all network customers use this application, but Plus wants to change it. The network has prepared a special bonus for people who will install the program.


50 GB for using the Plus mobile application.

To receive the bonus package, simply download the application to your smartphone, tablet or computer and run it once. Mobile Plus Online is available to owners of devices with Windows Phone, Windows 8, iOS and Android operating systems

The package is valid for 30 days. Its activation will be confirmed by an SMS message. The promotion called the Extra 50 GB package with the Mobile Plus Online application for the customers of prepaid and mix services is valid until May 31, 2019.

50 GB of free transfer in Plus card and mix. Just download the application


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