3D Touch in Android Q perfectly illustrates the huge problem of this platform

In the documentation of the Android Q system , a reference to the "deep pressure" of the system interface was found in the same way that we do in some iPhones. Google can finally convince developers of 3D Touch copy applications.

The real value of the 3D Touch interface in iOS is a questionable issue. Even Apple still seems to have some doubts about it, yet it still has not appeared in many tactile products, despite their refreshing. However, this is undoubtedly a very innovative and interesting idea.

3D Touch recognizes a different pressure force on the touch screen. And that means software developers can create the right responses to different levels of downforce. For example, a slight press is a preview of the folder, and pressing it open.

Only Apple has succeeded in this idea.

It was not Apple who first introduced the phone with the 3D Touch interface. Huawei, probably inspired by media gossip from Apple's camp, managed to bring Mate S's phone to the market faster than Apple's 6s iPhone. However, as expected by all, Apple's hardware has aroused the only interest of programmers. On Mate S, no 3D Touch application was created that was not subsidized by Huaweia.


The strength of the iPhone brand, developed over the years, is not the only asset that Apple had over Huawe. Only Apple could guarantee programmers that their application would be compatible with 3D Touch at 100%. iOS devices. The 3D Touch interface of the Mate S application will not work on any other Android phone. In this one using one similar innovation in the interface.

Phone manufacturers have long been more innovative than Google. Only not much of this can come about.

Looking at innovations introduced to subsequent versions of Android, one gets the impression that Google looks at EMUI and Samsung Experience systems, chooses the best ideas of its partners, and implements to the next official version of Android. Producers of Android phones have long not perceived Apple as their only competitor, also fiercely rivaling each other. This drives investment in innovation at a pace that even disables Google as a possible partner. There is no time for this.

3d touch android q

However, sooner or later cooperation with Google is required, as evidenced by the case of Mate S. No one was interested in creating applications for him, because hardly anyone cares about the market size represented by the number of copies sold for this particular phone model. The situation may look different if we talk about the whole generation of devices from different manufacturers.

This perfectly illustrates how much Apple's competition has tied hands.

Only Android Q is to introduce a homogeneous mechanism for handling 3D Touch ... if at all Google does not give up during beta testing. This Android Q will go to most new phones on sale an eye a year after its launch. Huawei Mate S appeared on the market at the end of 2015. Half a decade of delay.

It is not said that 3D Touch on Android phones is a great or important idea. The future will verify its validity in the context of competition for the iPhone. However, it does not matter. The essence is the fact that we will see it only in some time. It is definitely too late and far too long from the premiere of the first such phone.

This anchor, which is for Android phone manufacturers Google, is an extremely interesting case. Let's agree, without Google, these phone manufacturers are nothing. They are not able to offer services at the level of Maps, YouTube, Play, Search or Gmail ... or they keep it in an absurdly strict secret. But also by Google they can not keep up with Apple's many issues. They can create any innovation, but on condition that it does not assume its use by external application developers.

Google's power is not omnipotent. What this can begin to be slowly convincing.

Some hardware manufacturers decide to screw up the inertia of the relationship with Google and create their own services to be able to implement their innovations in their products. These attempts are not always successful - Bixby is probably the most humiliated AI of all time. But also Samsung Health from the same company is a service that I prefer over Google Fit. Mainly thanks to Samsung's innovations.

For me, the Samsung Galaxy Watch is faster, more convenient, more functional and practical than anything I know about and uses the Google platform. Samsung Health has its client application for Android, so everything works as expected. I have an Android phone, and therefore with the necessary Google services in the most convenient form. But I do not use Google Fit, although I have a smart watch.

Not everyone will agree with my flattering opinion on Samsung clothing electronics, but there is also a warmly received Huawei Watch GT paired with Huawei Health. These are just examples that will come, not only in this product category. Google may eventually find itself in a situation that a senior colleague recently had to crack down with, Microsoft. So with the need to assess which services it is still a good idea to maintain and which ones ... do not.

I think we all know why it's good to get rid of ballast.

The more services Google takes care of, the slower the development of Android itself. After all, novelties in the system need to be adapted to these services, where each of them is refreshed at its own pace by its creators. The constant disasters of Pixel hardware and various Android forks prove that Google and its hardware partners are doomed. Maybe it's time to stop competing with each other?

Microsoft got rid of the Groove music service, how he came to the conclusion that he is not able to keep up with his competitors, including those using his platform. For the same reason, EdgeHTML web engine development has been terminated or it is slowly moving out of the Cortana market. To get rid of the ballast that makes it difficult to overtake the lively competition.

Apple still has a huge advantage in the context of the pace of innovation through being the only hardware supplier for its operational software. I would like Google to focus on services in which it is actually one of the leaders. I would like Android to become even more flexible so that we do not have to laugh about introducing 3D Touch into Android Q. Because I see how innovative Google partners can be. And how often, also because of Google, is not much of it.

3D Touch in Android Q perfectly illustrates the huge problem of this platform


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