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We will see new versions of iOS and macOS on June 3. Apple announced the WWDC date

The WWDC19 conference will start on June 3. Apple will feed developers for information about new products in their operating systems for 5 days.

The WWDC conference on June 3 will be held in San Jose, California. This is the 30th edition of the event, which focuses on the views of developers and industry media from around the world.

Although the Worldwide Developer Conference is organized primarily for the creators of software, its main element is designed for the eyes and ears of all of us. From the opening event of the presentation, we will find out what new products can be expected in iOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS in the near future.

Probably the most important novelty will be the presentation of the SDK with the code name Marzipan, which will enable the creation of universal applications for iOS and macOS . Applications from the iPad would be available on macOS computers. Rumors point to the possibility of refreshing the user interface of the Apple mobile system. Recall that there were few changes in iOS 12 because the focus was on system optimization.

WWDC is a conference for programmers, so the appetite for new equipment is better tamed.

It is not known whether the conference will see new equipment. It is rather doubtful. Apple has already subscribed to the conference. Participants of the Apple Developer Program and the Apple Developer Enterprise Program can participate. Registration itself does not guarantee, however, obtaining a ticket. As the number of interested parties will exceed the number of available places as usual. The possibility of buying tickets will be drawn among the registered ones. The lucky ones have until March 20 to take advantage of the opportunity. Tickets cost a minimum of $ 1599.

Meanwhile, the unexpected March conference of Apple is approaching. The company will most probably present the Apple VOD service on it.

At Spider's Web, we will be broadly reporting events related to both the upcoming conference and WWDC.

We will see new versions of iOS and macOS on June 3. Apple announced the WWDC date

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