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We have the first follower of Żabka. The Livio network turns into post offices

It was only a matter of time. Because since post offices are removed from the ban on Sunday trading, and the example of Żabka shows that the chain of stores can become a pickup point for shipments, why not use it?

Livio grocery stores join the great postal family! - that is more or less the sense of the message sent to the media. It shows that the network of almost 2.5 thousand branches has just concluded negotiations with the Znatura Group and is launching a program of postal and courier points under the name of GlobBox.

In practice, this means that Livio goes along the road wiped by Żabka and turns into post offices. Although the network did not inform whether it intends to use its new status and open stores on non-commercial Sundays, it is difficult to believe that it will voluntarily give up such a "bonus".

Soon Żabka did not resist such a temptation at first.

Case frogs have roused public opinion. After the introduction of a trade ban on Sunday, it seemed that network franchisees would have to close down stores or stand behind the counter by themselves. However, it happened differently.

Żabka in 2012 signed a contract with Poczta Polska, and in 2015 - with DHL . In March 2018 it turned out that this cooperation was as it was found. The headquarters ordered the printing of stickers with the words "Post office" and began to encourage franchisees with financial bonuses to work on free Sundays.

The network thus benefited from the gate that the legislator left. Initially, all the shops began to wonder if they were not massively transformed, for example, into a bakery. The regulations on the prohibition of trade, however, said that this type of activity must have a "predominant character". In the case of post offices, such a reservation was lacking. Which means that the new law can be bypassed by spending a few packages a day.

Of course, the actions of Żabka remained unnoticed.

Politicians began to threaten that they would soon fall off such practices. It was said about the so-called lex Żabka, which was to forbid stores from using the privileges of post offices. The amendment would probably be voted out a long time ago if it were not for the government slowly losing enthusiasm for tightening the trade ban and even considering its liberalization .

Ba, it turned out that the vote on the amendment fell out of the agenda planned for 13-15 March. Żabka's representatives seem quite sure that in the end nothing bad will happen to them. The network has just announced that it is launching a new DHL Parcel service, thanks to which you will be able to collect a package for downloading and pay for it with a card. No wonder Livio is now following her trail.

We have the first follower of Żabka. The Livio network turns into post offices

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