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The hole in the screen is the transition stage. Samsung is working on a smartphone with a camera hidden behind the screen

The screen occupying the entire front of the smartphone is the goal of all mobile manufacturers. Samsung promises that the technology of such screens will be created in two years.

The current Samsung Galaxy S10 line is another big step forward in terms of the appearance of smartphones. I remember how much the Galaxy S8 did to me, in which the screen had rounded corners for the first time, and the frames were reduced by half. The tenth generation of the S makes a smaller impression on me, mainly due to asymmetry. The camera's opening is in the corner, and the bottom frame is thicker than the top.

As you can see, even Samsung, the largest mobile producer in the world, has no technical means to create a symmetrical device without indentation.

samsung galaxy s10 s10 + s10e wallpaper

All producers would like to create the perfect, futuristic shape of a smartphone in which the screen occupies the entire front. Unfortunately, no one has the right technology yet.

Behind the screen, we can already hide the sensors and finger scanners, and additionally, thanks to the vibrations, the display can act as a loudspeaker. At the current stage, no one can yet hide the camera under the screen. The problem is also the frames, which nobody has completely managed to eliminate, although from a practical point of view it is good information.

Who will be the first, will win everything?

samsung galaxy s10 s10 + s10e wallpaper

All mobile manufacturers have a common goal, but only one can be the first. If someone finally comes up with the idea of ​​a camera that can run under the surface of the screen, he will certainly patent this solution. It may mean that only one company will create the ideal and the others will have to make compromises.

Today, such a compromise is notch, cut eye, sliding chimney housing the camera, or a slider construction. Each of these solutions has its drawbacks.

The obvious solution would be to get rid of the front camera, but it is impossible in these times. Even if you could live with a smartphone without a front camera, then such a device would not buy a lot of Instagramerów, vlogerów, or ordinary users who need video calls. In other words, such a smartphone would sell very poorly.

Samsung is working on a camera hidden under the screen and promises that such a device will hit the market. We will see them in a year or two.

Byung Duk Yang , vice president of the mobile division of Samsung Electronics, ensures that the next stage in the development of OLED screens will be the creation of a technology that can hide the camera behind the display. It is not known how it would work from the technical side.

Duk Yang claims that such technology will be developed in a year or two. For this Samsung is working on a screen that can emit sounds, so a solution similar to that of the LG G8. In turn, the fingerprint reader already in the current generation of equipment is located under the screen.

If in fact this futuristic technology appears on the market in two years' time, it will mean that ... we have already achieved everything in the current form of smartphones. Because what else can be improved in terms of design? No wonder that manufacturers invest in the development of foldable smartphones, because it is a real novelty that stands out completely against the background of current devices. The only question is whether it is a solution that customers need.

The hole in the screen is the transition stage. Samsung is working on a smartphone with a camera hidden behind the screen

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