Ads on TV? The Polish app will predict them, so you can return from your kitchen or bathroom to your favorite series

There is nothing worse than breaking your favorite program with an advertising block. We are happy about the action, and here come chocolate or sanitary napkins. Thanks to the Advoider Lite application, we will never feel surprised by the advertising break.

I'm surprised that no one has ever created an application to inform about ads. The idea seems to be quite simple, I found only reports about the competition under the KoniecReklamTV brand on the Internet. That is why I took a closer look at Advoider.

Advoider Lite will inform you when we can expect advertising.

With surprisingly high accuracy, he will indicate how many minutes we will have a break in the program. We can add channels to the watchers and receive notifications about the end and beginning of ads - so that we can get back from the bathroom or kitchen. In addition, we can set an advance for notification, e.g. 2 minutes before the end of the advertising block.

How it's working? Qdiqo, or the Zielona Góra startup behind Advoider, does not want to reveal the details of its solution, but you can guess that it is based on regulations regarding the maximum duration of advertising in the Act on Radio and Television. According to its wording, ads can not take up more than 15 percent. transmission time. The border moves to 20 percent. after adding telesales. However, it can not be more than 12 minutes in an hour.

The situation is also differentiated by the nature of television. Public broadcasters can not interrupt programs with commercials, which makes the task of Advaterera trivial - just look at the Electronic Program Guide, or program guide available on digital television. The real challenge is commercial broadcasters, which these regulations do not apply to. For their recipients, Advoider can become an indispensable application.

14 days for free

Advoider Lite is available on Android and iOS with a two-week test period. Later, we have one of the subscription plans to choose from:

  • PLN 4.99 per month,
  • PLN 12.99 for 3 months,
  • PLN 23.99 for 6 months.

We get a TV program without advertising and notifying about ads for the 16 most popular channels.

Television? What's this?

Although readers of Spider's Web may have already switched entirely to VOD, if we consider the entire population is different. The average Pole spends 263 min a day on television. The younger, the less. People aged 13-29 years in front of the television sit 2 hours (probably surrounded by other screens). Netflix podry TV, which in October could boast 760 thousand. paid subscriptions in our country.

Ads on TV? The Polish app will predict them, so you can return from your kitchen or bathroom to your favorite series


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