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Your e-PIT available later this month, but not for everyone. Some taxpayers have to wait a year

This year the bane of fulfilling the tax return alone will bypass many people with a wide arc. Since the new year, it is an obligation of the National Tax Administration. How they went, we will be able to check your e-PIT service soon. But not everyone. Next year, the catalog of those who will be able to take advantage of this new solution is to be expanded.

Although now the sack of programs and applications that help to properly fill a tax return almost overflows with an abundance of abundance, for many, annual filling not for all clear prints was a large crossing. Exactly: it was already and it is not. From 1 January 2019, taxpayers were replaced by the National Tax Administration in this task.

This is the aftermath of the regulations on personal income tax adopted in October 2018 by the Sejm. According to these regulations, the taxpayer does not have to personally complete the PIT declaration. It does not have to send print by traditional or electronic mail. Everything will be done for him by the tax office. You can count on a subsequent correction completed by the printing system. But you have to report such an initiative.

Do you want to check? The service Your e-PIT invites.

About whether the PIT is well completed and whether you really need to submit a correction - we will see in a moment. From February 15 taxpayers will gain access to their tax returns - as part of the Your e-PIT service.

Our IT systems are already advanced and equipped with relevant data that we can offer a completely new approach to tax settlements. On the basis of information sent from payers, we will make available the proposal of annual testimony. This is a significant change in the spirit of 3xP philosophy, that is, simple, transparent and friendly taxes - says finance minister prof. Teresa CzerwiƄska .

The tax revolution is not for everyone at the moment.

Tax returns will be available on the tax portal of the Ministry of Finance from February 15 to April 30. But your e-PIT service will not be available to everyone at the moment.

In a moment, those filling in PIT-37 and PIT-38 will be able to use it. The first print is intended for those who have generated any revenues during the tax year, but do not run a business. PIT-38 concerns private investors - in the event of obtaining revenues from shares in companies and securities, borrowed securities, derivative financial instruments and the exercise of rights arising therefrom.

Filling out the remaining PIT declarations have to be a taste for now, but already in a year, the next taxpayers who will settle on the PIT-36, PIT-36L and PIT-28 forms will be able to use your e-PIT service. Everything as now - free, safe and without having to submit any documents.

Your e-PIT and our data.

We will be able to check the tax declaration in the tax portal of the Ministry of Finance, which will contain our personal data. It's the same that the tax administration has. It is about information from employers, data from last year's testimonies about the children's allowance, or information about a public benefit organization that the taxpayer indicated a year earlier.

If we want to use, for example, deduction of a donation for blood donation or religious worship, expenses for rehabilitation purposes or use of the Internet or payments to IKZE (individual pension security account) - we must do it ourselves. But on the occasion of changing the settlement rules, the ministry promises to help everyone and invites you to contact if in doubt.

How to use the Your e-PIT service?

The first step must be to visit the tax portal of the Ministry of Finance. Right after that you have to authenticate yourself there. We do it in two ways - either enter your PESEL or NIP with your date of birth. We add the amount of revenue from the declaration for the previous year (this time it will be the data from 2017) and PIT-11 (information issued and provided by the payer, who during the year collects and pays advances on income tax). Instead, we can also authenticate using a trusted profile .

Then we should see our PIT, this time prepared without our participation - by the tax office. We have several choices on this occasion. We can accept such a statement and not make any comments. I also have the option of changing the settlement - eg together with my spouse or as a single parent. We also have the right here to indicate a public benefit organization for which we want to donate 1%. our tax and add to the testimony other, not yet included in the relief.

We can also do nothing with our PIT. Then, on April 30, the system will consider such a document complex. We can also reject the tax proposal of our tax return. Then, by using your e-PIT service, you can fill out the document yourself. Or deliver our declaration in a different way.

Your e-PIT available later this month, but not for everyone. Some taxpayers have to wait a year

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