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xiaomi MIUI voice recorder reviews

xiaomi MIUI voice recorder reviews
xiaomi MIUI voice recorder reviews

This time we will discuss an important application that is very functional and part of a normal program. The main function of this app is recording your voice. In other ROMs, you definitely need to download third-party software for this work.

The program is the xiaomi MIUI voice recorder, a pre-installed application that is specifically designed for MIUI users to prevent the need for third-party applications. Record your own sound just by tapping the recording button. It provides many features and features to improve the user experience. You can record audio by voice recording and other sound features with different formats and sounds.

xiaomi MIUI voice recorder reviews

MIUI Sound Recorder Features:

 - Lock screen notification: When the recording is on, the status bar and pulse light - - The notification is displayed on the lock screen.
 - Mute the ringtone: Automatically mute the ringer while recording sound.
 - Change the name of the recorded sounds manually. When the recording is finished, the name of the recorded sound can be changed manually.
 - Recording format: Record your sound in 3 formats, AAC, MP3 and WAV.
 - Record quality: Select the quality you want to record audio with, such as high, standard, and low.
 - Receiver for voice playback: Use the receiver speaker for external playback.
 - Mi Cloud application: Automatically save all your recordings in Mi Cloud Backup.
 - Auto-Call Recording: You can automatically record a specific number or group of numbers.
 - Sign: Easily mark a spot in your recording for future reference.
 - Stop: When recording, you can pause recording and playback whenever you need it.
 - Decibel Check your voice: Check the frequency of the recorded sound using wavelength.

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  1. One thing I really miss in Miui Sound Recorder, is to be able to record internal audio. E.g. listening to BBC audio plays (to improve my English), I wish the internet radio not automatically stops playing, when the record button is pressed.