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xiaomi foldable smartphone

xiaomi foldable smartphone
xiaomi foldable smartphone

Last night, a short video of xiaomi foldable smartphone was shared by Van Tang Thomas, director of the Xiaomi products department. In this video, the Xiaomi Folding phone is being tested at the hands of Lin Bing, chief of Xiaomi.

Samsung is expected to ship its first mobile phone next month. To access the flexible 7.3 "display, the phone can be opened like a book. However, the xiaomi foldable smartphone has a unique design. Lin Bing, claims that the product will be the only mobile phone in the world to be on the both sides. As seen in the video, the screen can be rotated right and left.

No official names for this phone have yet been mentioned, and only a sample of it has been displayed. The goal of Van Thang, Thomas, was to release the video on Weibo to show that it is still addressing issues and problems with this device.

Bet said that the device shown in the video is an engineering unit. The company has overcome various technical difficulties to build a double-sided design. Some of the problems that the company has been able to overcome is the flexible display technology, four-wheel drive technology, flexible coating technology, MIUI operating system adaptation, and so on.

xiaomi foldable smartphone

The xiaomi foldable smartphone goes out to the outside. This way, when the phone is opened, the device is almost full screen. Thomas said building a phone with the ability to climb out is harder to get in. The Xiaomi phone doubles, the problem is doubled.

In response to a fool's question, Thomas says one of the issues in this regard is the durability of the device. The smartphone, which is practically full screen, is fragile and resistant to falling, they still have not found a way to solve this problem. But this is just one of the many issues facing the market before the launch of the phone.

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