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Xbox One will accelerate. Players are already testing the new version of the system

Xbox One free interface

We can discuss the beauty or usability of the Xbox One interface, but we can all agree on one thing: the speed and efficiency of its operation leaves much to be desired. So listen carefully, because I have good news.

From the programming side, the Xbox One console is an interesting design. The foundation of the platform is a microsoft hypervisor that virtualizes two operating systems. The first is the Windows 10 version prepared for the console . She is responsible for displaying the Xbox interface and for launching the application. The second is XboxOS, and therefore the gaming environment built on the DirectX foundations.

The console can switch between these systems freely and in real time. This allows us to quickly and conveniently switch between - for example - TV, Forza Horizon and Netflicse, without closing the game and exposing it to re-loading. Or run a paused game even after the console has been suspended.

Both systems have allocated predefined resources. Games get more on what applications suffer.

Microsoft quite rightly gave XboxOS the majority of resources - after all, Xbox is a game console, they are a priority here. In addition, a typical application for Xbox is a VOD client, so you do not need to reserve a larger amount of resources. As a result, Windows 10 on the Xbox One has one processor core and 3 GB RAM, on all versions of the console.

On the one hand, it's good: thanks to this, game developers have even more RAM available, which they can use, for example, to load textures in higher resolution into memory. However, this also means that the operating system has fewer resources available than if it worked on a low-price mobile phone.

I'm not sure if the system on the Xbox One is the best. But he is certainly the slowest.

If you think that everything is fine with your Xbox One, then put your friend or colleague in front of your TV accustomed to your PlayStation or Switch. It remains a question of debate whether the Xbox UI games filled with advertisements are readable and useful (I belong to sympathizers), but it is devilishly sluggish and not very responsive.

June update xbox one

The situation has improved since the premiere. Despite the continuous addition of new functions to the Xbox One, the response time from pressing the button on the pad to the effect on the screen and so significantly decreased. A perfectly designed handy guide menu (triggered by the Xbox button on the pad) makes it easier to forgive the console of this heaviness.

There are no new features in the Xbox update. Microsoft is asking for cleaning up in the code.

Xbox Insider members can now test the early test version of the Windows 10 update, which will go to Microsoft's servers in production in April. However, it's vain to look for new functions or even changes in the interface. It seems that the theoretically future development of the system will only be service-oriented.

In addition to the removal of several minor defects related to multimedia support, Microsoft in the attached update documentation mainly indicates the optimization of the code of many elements of the system. The most important thing is:

  • Change in process management in the background. The modules responsible for downloading game updates when the console is in sleep mode or in application mode will no longer be aggressively pushed in memory. This means that Xbox will not force us to wait for the download of the often multi-gigabyte patch, even though theoretically it had plenty of time to do this task before. This also means that the module responsible for displaying our library of games and applications will be refreshed and up-to-date, instead of - so far - only after launching a long and sluggish download of information about installed and downloadable products.
  • Code optimization. We should expect a noticeably faster operation of the game library modules, home screen and Microsoft Store. The interface is supposed to be faster and more responsive, downloading data from the Web is also expected to initiate faster.

I will believe if I see.

The fussiness of the Xbox One interface is something that I and the rest of the owners of this console have been struggling with for years, from the premiere of the console. And what we've got used to for a long time. I am afraid that bringing the xbox version of Windows 10 to responsiveness at a satisfactory level is simply not possible. At least, not without increasing the resources reserved for him, what we would not do - because the games would suffer.

Quietly, however, I count on a pleasant surprise. I am not a member of the Xbox Insider program, so I will be looking for the first reports of testers about the actual potential benefits. And I keep my fingers crossed, because the Xbox's slimyness is frustrating, especially in the context of competition. Who knows, but it can succeed.

Xbox One will accelerate. Players are already testing the new version of the system

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