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It was a very active year for orange. Orange concludes in 2018.

It was a very good year for one of the largest mobile telephony operators in Poland.

The network hit 20 years, and the virtual nju belonged to Orange - 5. It was visible that the network was accelerating, increasing its range and preparing for a jump into the future. Orange summarized in 2018 and it looks like the orange operator really has something to brag about.

Orange in 2018 - infographics from Spiders.Agency on Vimeo .

Orange in 2018 - is what to celebrate!

In February, in the village of Kozerki, the operator celebrated the opening of the 100th Orange Workshop , a multimedia, accessible to all the common room, where local residents can polish their skills in the field of new technologies.

In March, the CERT report appeared, summarizing the threats lurking on the web and ways we can deal with them. During the year, the operator network monitoring systems registered about 1000 security incidents per month. CyberTarcz - a proprietary solution securing users of the Orange Polska network, protected over 320,000 during the year customers.

Last year, telecom focused primarily on expanding coverage. By mid-year, more than 1,500 new base stations have been opened in Poland.

The operator significantly accelerated last year. And literally. In August Orange announced an increase in the speed of fiber - optic Internet to 1 Gb / s, thus surprising customers who bought a 600 Mb / s package last year - their internet speeded up at no extra charge.

As if that was not enough, a few months later the operator piloted a fiber optic offer with a speed of up to 5 Gb / s for companies. Personally, I am counting on the fact that in 2019 the program will come out of the pilot phase and I will be able to use such a transfer rate in my own home.

During the whole work, the operator did not forget about the good fun, as we could see from the Orange Warsaw Festival , during which Orange Polska customers have sent as much as 3.35 TB of data! Of which 80 percent using 4G networks.

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of regaining independence, telekom gave a transmitter from World War II to the newly established Museum of Polish History .

The operator in 2018 also prepared to enter the future by testing the 5G network. Nationwide implementation of this technology is probably not going to be seen in 2019, mainly due to regulatory restrictions limiting operators, but 2020 is already the most realistic date. However, before we all benefit from the benefits of 5G, Orange has accelerated the operation of LTE in some cities.

One million customers of Orange Love packages - another milestone.

The end of the year also brought a nice surprise, especially for owners of the newest iPhones - orange operator was the first in Poland to implement support for eSIM technology .

There is one more novelty from last year, which Orange does not boast about in the infographic, and should - I am talking about the pilot implementation of the electronic signature in 20 stores . This is a colossal change both from the point of view of the user's convenience and environmental protection. For operators, it is usually necessary to print a huge number of sheets of paper. Tablets for electronic signature in salons will make all the necessary documents now in digital form, instead of archaic and little ecological paper.

Nothing but congratulations. I wish you an orange, that they would not run out of "steam" for an equally active 2019 year.

* The material was created in cooperation with Orange Polska

It was a very active year for orange. Orange concludes in 2018.

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