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How to support the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity without leaving home - a guide for generous but lazy people

This year, the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity is again playing for the youngest. Collected during the 27th WOŚP finale, the money will go to purchase equipment for specialist children's hospitals. To add your pennies to collection, you do not even have to move your first four letters from before your computer.

The 27th finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity is fast approaching. On January 13, we will see once again Jurek Owsiak gives a sign to launch the symbolic Light to Heaven in major Polish cities. To help with the Orchestra, you do not need to defrost your ears on Sunday and look for people with cans for money around the city. The campaign can be supported on the internet. As Owsiak himself says, it's child's play.

How to deposit money into the WOŚP account? Preferably a transfer or PayU.

The easiest - and probably the most effective - is to support the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity by transferring money directly to the foundation's account. All thanks to the cooperation of the Orchestra with mBank. For every 100 payments (minimum PLN 10), a company adds 100,000 to one share per day. zł. You do not need to be a mBank customer to make our transfer count, but you have to go to one of their branches and deposit money through a special terminal.

Of course, everyone can help no matter where they have an account. It does not just add up to the pool collected by mBank. All you need to do is to go to this page and click Make a transfer in a place designated for clients of other banks. We will then be transferred to the website operated by PayU. There, just select the amount of the transfer and you can and with a few clicks add to the equipment for children's hospitals.

If for some reason we do not want to use the transfer, we can transfer the money to the WOŚP account by sending a PLN 22.59 SMS to the number 75 565 for PLN 6.15. Simply enter HEART . Add 10 zlotys to the Orchestra account both on Siepomaga and on zrzutka.pl , as well as on the official WOŚP profile on Facebook using their donation system.

It is worth getting interested in one of the GOCC Auctions on Allegro.

On Allegro you can find a whole bunch of smaller and larger auctions, the income of which goes to the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity . On the one hand, celebrities put their time on sale, on the other hand, clothes, bags or suitcases, from third companies they propose exciting trips or offers related to their business, and from the fourth, ordinary Kowalscy exhibit collector's pearls. There are plenty of offers, and one more interesting than the other.

I admit that my eyes shine the most to the 23-year-old Harley Davidson , but I suspect that the Autoblog team in a fury shatter all the piggy bank piggies by taking a screenshot on this Rolls-Royce . One of the most popular auctions so far, however, is another kind of windfall. At this moment, for lunch in two people with Robert Lewandowski you have to pay PLN 56 099.

Plan for later - you can donate 1 percent. from the GOCC tax.

If all this playing with the Orchestra will get you enough to remember about it, by completing the PITs, you can choose the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity for the role of a foundation that will receive 1% of you. from tax. The National Registry of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity is 0000030897. In 2018, the money transferred in this way went to psychiatric wards for children and adolescents.

Cashlessly approach the volunteer of the Orchestra.

This message will please all who do not remember very well how the banknote looks like and how the coins are buzzing. This year, 430 payment terminals will appear in the hands of volunteers. You will be able to pay with them by card, phone or watch. On the Orchestra's website there is a list of postal addresses , at which they should wait for us with a terminal, tin and hearts.

And if you like the rustle of papers falling into the boxes kept by WOŚP volunteers, you will find them on Sundays all over Poland and in the world. In total, over PLN 951 million has been collected in the last 26 finals. I have no doubt that this year a billion will break. You just have to add.

How to support the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity without leaving home - a guide for generous but lazy people

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