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Today, the premiere of PlayStation Classic. For these 20 games I would have spent 449 zlotys on a retro console without hesitation

From Monday on the shelves you can find a retro PlayStation Classic console. As I wrote during the first test of the device , I believe that this product is doomed to success. Mainly because the console plays on the sentiment of tens of millions of working adults. The second reason is the premiere in the pre-holiday period.

Sentiment, holidays and shopping? It is difficult to have a better recipe for success. Which does not mean that PlayStation Classic is an ideal product. Contrary. One of the biggest ills of a retro console is a set of games chosen by Sony. That's why I created an alternative list of titles that should be on this device. If PlayStation Classic had a library like the one below, I'd go to the store today:

Tekken 3 (present on PlayStation Classic)

In my opinion, the best visually, the most universal brawl that ever appeared on the PSX. A great proposition for both the genre and the greenhorn experiencing the first contact with the series. Tekken 3 is a great solution on every home and I do not know anyone who has had bad memories associated with this title. If only to remove Eddy Gordo from the list of playable warriors ...

For whom: A competitive sofa game for everyone, regardless of skill and level of sophistication.

Medal of Honor

It's easy to forget that the Medal of Honor - one of the most important series of shootings in the video game industry - has a purely console pedigree. The first installment of this series appeared on PlayStation, shocking the level of realism and attachment to historical fidelity. Demons, mutants and aliens were turned into Germans, and the Medal of Honor became an opportunity to explore the virtual counterparts of real locations. In 1999 it was amazing. The multiplayer was also amazing, in which he competed on a divided TV screen in the living room.

For whom: for lovers of first-person shootings.

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2

If I had to indicate only one game that would convince me to buy a PlayStation Classic console, it would be THPS2. Production was more than just a skateboard simulator. We were dealing with a sociological phenomenon that combined before one screen of teenage representatives of various subcultures. Skasci, skinheads, metal workers - everyone wanted to make a record for School II. The controller wandered from hand to hand, and the great soundtrack combined all fans of the demanding game.

For whom: for anyone who is not afraid to take the most immersive time challenge in the history of games.

WipeOut 2097

WipeOut 2097 was the fastest racing game for me for many years. The feeling of incredible momentum was overcome by the surprisingly successful Star Wars Racer, who could also appear on PlayStation Classic (unfortunately, the game was not available on PSX). I remember that 2097 seemed to me a very visually attractive game. I was very impressed with the diversity of the location and the number of details and decorations on the futuristic track. And these weapons! Music, which was one of a kind, deserves a separate mention.

For whom: for players who want to feel the fastest game available on the first PlayStation.

Mortal Kombat 4

A game that has carried a known brawl series into three dimensions. Today, Mortal Kombat 4 looks terrible, but in 1997 everyone was excited about the great metamorphosis. Unfortunately, along with the 3D graphics production lost on responsiveness, which was felt especially by more experienced players. Mortal Kombat 4 gained publicity due to even greater brutality than in the previous scenes and a special (as for those times) concentration on the grotesque sequences of Fatality. MK4 is also the part that introduces one of my two favorite players: the sorcerer Quan Chi.

For whom: An offer for adult players who do not mind unnecessary brutalization of the game.

Final Fantasy VII (currently on PlayStation Classic)

Incredible production thanks to which I understood how great jPRG games can be. In terms of the narrative, the diversity of the gameplay and the running of the characters, Final Fantasy VII significantly outpaced its time. Even today it is difficult to find an equally surprising, comprehensive and multifaceted history as the one presented in FF VII. Cloud mercenary adventures have gone down in the history of the gaming industry, and millions of fans around the world are still waiting for the remake of Final Fantasy VII, announced years ago.

For whom: for jRPG fans, for fans of perfect narrative

Resident Evil 2

There is no better survival horror over Resident Evil 2. There are more horrible, prettier and more complex games, but when it comes to gameplay satisfaction, this project has managed to hit the jackpot. Two separate campaigns for one player, additional modes and secrets, beautiful 2D backgrounds, movie action, rich mythology ... just a miracle. I wonder if the Resident Evil 2 remake coming soon will be half as good as the original. We will see this at the beginning of next year.

For whom: a compulsory production for every lover of survival horror films and zombie movies

Soul Edge

Soul Edge is the beginning of a great, though sometimes bumpy adventure with the SoulCalibur series. An adventure that continues to this day with the premiere of a successful sixth edition. Older players know full well that there was no better white melee fight on PSX over Soul Edge. Although in general, the game may be slightly less accessible than Tekken 3 and much less visually appealing, the title makes up for the capital's clashing system and interesting mechanisms diversifying the fights.

For whom: for everyone who wants to rest for a moment from Tekken


The best, most breakthrough game with the Man-Spider ever created. Even Marvel's Spider-Man for the PlayStation 4 has to give way to this classics top podium. When in 2000 I could freely swing over New York, I was full of delight. I am sorry that due to technical limitations the entire city was bathed in fog. The possibility of exploration itself fell. If that were not enough, the storyline revolved around Venom, with whom Spider-Man had a surprisingly complex relationship. A fairytale fan on Polsat could not have wished for a better video game.

For whom: for young people, Spider-Man fans and games with superheroes.

Crash Bandicoot

For many older players, Crash is the symbol of the first PlayStation. A nice platform game has won the hearts of millions of fans around the world, waiting for many follow-ups and spin-offs. If you do not like retro graphics, you can get to know these games thanks to the remake of Crash Bandicoot: N. Sane Trilogy. On the other hand, the original adventures of jamraja even today look nice and I think that they should be in the PlayStation Classic library as a must-have.

For whom: for fans of platform games, for gathering enthusiasts, for risk takers.

Dino Crisis

Today, few people remember this series. Shame. Dino Crisis was an ambitious (and largely successful) attempt to combine survival horror with the game about dinosaurs. The production climate can be compared to the cult scene in the kitchen of the Jurassic Park. It turns out that great reptiles can be no less horrible than demons, zombies or mutants. I have great memories with this title and I would like to refresh them.

For whom: for everyone who appreciates the Jurassic Park scene with raptors and children in the kitchen.

Street Fighter Alpha 3

Alpha 3 is a combination of experiences that the creators have gained over the years on consoles and machines. Most veterans fight this part as the most refined and the most extensive of all that can be found on the first PlayStation. You just have to keep in mind that Street Fighter is a game that maximizes the gap between green-miners and experienced warriors. That is why less demanding, less patient players recommend other brawls from my selected list.

For whom: for experienced players who want to compete with each other at a high level.

Silent Hill

Silent Hill is absolutely the most horrible experience you can get on the first PlayStation. The more terrifying game on this platform simply has not been created. The first Silent Hill introduced an interactive horror into completely new waters, putting it even more than achievements in the field of cinematography. Amazing atmosphere, unique music, captivating narrative ... amazing that such artistically developed productions could be created on the first PlayStation. A real phenomenon.

For whom: for all who want to get to know the most terrible game of the nineties.

Ace Combat 2

The production of which I owe today's air show in such games as Battlefield or Battlefront. I know Ace Combat 2 almost by heart. Including deployment of ground targets. All I need to do is close my eyes and immediately see the second mission in the winter location, which involves capturing a large reconnaissance plane. I loved the title and can not wait to play Ace Combat 7. This series appears on the market in too long intervals. It is a pity because it is unrivaled.

For whom: for enthusiasts of skill, not requiring flying and airborne clashes.

Spyro the Dragon

Studio Toy for Bob has just done a great job creating the Spyro Reignited Trilogy. Which does not change the fact that I would gladly lay my hands on the classic adventures of a purple dragon. For example, because of the sentiment I have for platform games from the first PlayStation period. That's when a lot of gaming industry icons were born, and Spyro is no exception.

For whom: for enthusiasts of sunny platform games

Crash Team Racing

The equivalent of the sensational Mario Kart series, but on the PlayStation console. For my generation, CTR was the best "funny" and "colorful" racing game for the gray. We sat in three or four before one CRT TV and tried to tame the mechanisms of additional acceleration, such as power slide and turbo boost. If I had this knowledge and skills at this time, then ... every neighborhood tournament would belong to me. I would be the real king of karts.

For whom: for fans of arcade racing, for fans of competition in front of one screen.

Gran Turismo 2

I admit to something: I was too stupid for Gran Turismo 2. Just like that. I have not been able to understand all the dependencies and possibilities appearing in this title. That's why I would like to come back to it, even in 2018 or 2019. Especially that for many fans GT2 is called the best installment of the series. I could not appreciate it years ago. I was glad that I managed to get through the menus and I got to the starting list. Then it was bad. Very poor.

For whom: for amateurs of simulators and more demanding races.

Tomb Raider 2

In my personal ranking, the best version of Miss Croft's adventures. The game offered revolutionary elements for its time. Free motorboat sailing around Venice, getting a Himalayan snow scooter or diving deep into a ship sunk for years - these are all amazing moments that brought the game industry closer to Hollywood blockbusters. Today you can laugh at it, but years ago you had the impression that Tomb Raider 2 exceeds many technological and narrative borders with one approach.

For whom: for veterans of arcade games.

KKND Krossfire

I chose this title more as a sentimental curiosity than a hit for other games in the ranking. KKND Krossfire is one of the few strategy games that have hit the PlayStation. The title proved that the RTSs on the console are not only possible, but can also be quite playable. For this KKND had an interesting fallout cover. After the great nuclear war, people come to the surface, where they fight mutants. The Team 9 faction, consisting of powerful robots and intelligent machines, is joining the conflict. My tastes.

For whom: for crazy people wanting to play RTS on the console

Worms Armageddon

Although it's best to play with the mouse and keyboard in Worms, the presence of combat worms on the PlayStation Classic would be a perfect complement to the rival sofa offer. Joint war in front of one TV is a nice change from the fist, which appears in a large number on my list. The Worms' universal character could make Classic even attract players who do not necessarily remember the times of the first PlayStation.

For whom: for anyone willing to turn on one TV

Today, the premiere of PlayStation Classic. For these 20 games I would have spent 449 zlotys on a retro console without hesitation

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