mBank will recognize you after you move the mouse. Behavioral biometry is how it works

mbank behavioral biometry

The most important thing in online banking? According to the majority of Internet users, the answer to this question is security. mBank will soon start testing new solutions in this field - behavioral biometry.

The security of online transactions and login to the website itself or to the bank's mobile application has been listed as a priority feature by 96 percent. IQS survey participants, conducted for mBank. In addition, as much as 83 percent. the respondents would change the bank if the level of digital security was unsatisfactory. It is no wonder that banks are investing more and more funds in new security technologies. Including those taken out of sci-fi movies.

Behavioral biometry in mBank.

Well, but what exactly is hidden under this intriguing name? Biometrics itself is nothing new. We know it even from our phones, to which we can log in with a fingerprint, iris or after scanning the face. This type of biometrics measures immutable human physical features. The key word is immutable here.

Behavioral biometrics, in turn, is based on the analysis of user interaction with a computer or a mobile device. It's about behaviors like the way the mouse is moved or the dynamics of using the keyboard. Each of us has its own style of interaction with a computer or smartphone. This style is also so unique that it is very difficult to counterfeit. At least that's what mBank claims.

The pilot program will cover 50,000 willing users.

In the first implementation period, starting on December 12 this year in the form of a pilot , the bank will offer a service of 50,000 eager customers (you can submit via the website). After the participant agrees, a special code will be launched in the mBank transaction website. It will measure typical user behavior when using on-line banking, based on how the mouse moves, the scroll button, using the touchpad, the dynamics of using the computer keyboard, and in the future using the smartphone screen.

On this basis, the user's image will be built, i.e. its individual behavioral profile. The system will identify users by comparing their current interactions with the finished profile. After the trial period (it may take until the end of 2019), the service will be offered to all clients and will constitute another element of security. The bank will check if the correct user is logged in. This will allow for a quick response in an emergency situation.

The new verification method does not threaten the privacy of customers.

As part of the behavioral biometry of Digital Fingerprints, the mBank system will analyze only the way customers interact with devices when using electronic banking services. It will not download data about the use of other websites or tools.

So it will be checked how the user uses the site, not what he does in it. Data collected for the purposes of constructing behavioral profiles do not contain sensitive information. They will be stored in the form of mathematical models that make it impossible to identify a particular person. The users of the service will have the right to forget, ie delete their data.

I am very curious how such a system will work in practice. And how will it behave in case when a customer who normally fills bank forms with the speed of a machine gun will have, for example, an inferior day, which will leave his behavioral model. mBank fortunately approaches the implementation of the new solution quite sensibly, already stating that tests can take place throughout 2019.

mBank will recognize you after you move the mouse. Behavioral biometry is how it works


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