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Logitech has perfected its most-bought gaming mouse. Logitech G502 HERO - Spider s Web

G502 is the most-bought Logitech gaming mouse. It is hardly surprising, because the product offers a sensational price-performance ratio. Now the rodent has become even better thanks to the use of a semi-original, very good optical sensor. In the mouse category for 200 - 300 PLN Logitech G502 HERO is an absolute favorite.

Energy-efficient, efficient and precise Sensor HERO made its debut in the wireless G305. Then its more powerful version appeared in a very interesting G Pro Wireless. Opticians have successfully undergone two serious baptisms of warfare. Logitech therefore decided that the original solution will be included in all its new products. Including wired ones. Hence the short ball for the premiere of the Graitech G502 HERO rodent.

Why is the Logitech G502 HERO sensor mouse designed for wireless devices?

One of the biggest advantages of HERO 12,000 DPI and HERO 16,000 DPI is radically low power consumption. This is a key feature for wireless rodent. The discussed G502 is, however, a cable model that is not needed for energy savings. Therefore, the main reason for replacing the sensor with a newer one seems to increase the resolution from 12,000 DPI to 16,000 DPI. Instead of using the top PixArt for this purpose, Logitech has put on a proprietary solution. It is a logical move that allows you to standardize the product line and optimize costs.

The basic question is: what are the consequences of switching to HERO? In the earlier version of the device PMW3366 was responsible for precision with a maximum sensitivity of 12,000 DPI. Now we have 16,000 of these DPIs, but let's be honest: it's the values ​​that no player needs. It's hard to imagine anyone except a graphic working on a minimum of 4 monitors, who must use a resolution above 10,000 DPI. Therefore, I treat the jump of the maximum value by 4000 units as a piece for art. It seems more practical to descend to the minimum value of 100 DPI (PMW3366 offered 200 DPI).

Apart from the minimum and maximum DPI, the PMW 3366 and HERO 16K sensors offer the same or very similar parameters. Here and here the maximum refresh rate is 1000 Hz, the delay is limited to 1 ms and the maximum speed of registered motion is 400 inches per second.

Length 132 mm
Width 75 mm
Height 40 mm
Mass 121 g (mouse alone)
Additional weights up to 18 g (5 × 3.6 g)
The length of the cable 2.10 m
sensor HERO 16K
Resolution 100-16 000 dpi
Location reporting 1000 Hz (1 ms)
microprocessor 32-bit ARM
Number of buttons 11

HERO 16K is not fired with artificial pixels even at 16000 DPI

The sensor does not send false data on any of the sensitivity settings. Regardless of whether we are talking about maximum or minimum values, interpolation does not take place. An impressive 16000 DPI is a real, fully native maximum value that is not in any way artificially enlarged by digital tricks. An impressive result that many mice in the same price category can not boast about.

Just a month ago, a new rodent from HyperX tried to cheat me. What's more, in the G Pro Wireless Logitech sensor, he has been using 2 + 1 interpolation above 10,000 DPI. Now the undesirable phenomenon has disappeared. Better calibration? Amendments for the wired version? I can not tell. Empirical tests have shown, however, that it is noticeably better.

I like the sensor to start humming only above 7000 DPI (pad). I also registered slight rodent acceleration. Performing 360-degree maneuvers in the FPS game on an adjustable 3-meter track, the cursor did not return perfectly to the same place at higher speeds. The difference was however marginal. A handful of pixels. The external benchmark assessed the reflection during extreme maneuvers at the level of 2 to 4 percent. In general terms, it can be concluded that there is no positive acceleration.

After dealing with interpolation, the differences between the HERO 16K and PixArtem PMW 33660 cease to exist.

If there are no differences, why overpay for a new device? Well, now the best: when buying G502, the player does not bear the tribute from the news. Polish stores sell rodents for PLN 249. This is exactly what the previous version of the device currently costs. A great thing. Especially that for these PLN 249 we purchase a package of minor improvements and corrections. The most interesting of them is to beat the limit of active profiles stored in the device / software memory up to five. There were three of them before.

The development of the HERO 16K perfectly shows how the market of peripheral devices is changing. Today, more and more optics tests seem unnecessary, because even medium-sized rodents have very robust sensors. Those that a few years ago were available only in devices approaching one thousand zlotys. Now technology has become, has become much more common, and wireless. All the more glad that players can afford such a good product as the Logitech G502 HERO at such a reasonable price. Consumers have reason to be satisfied.

Logitech G502 is the same, very good profiled mouse with the best possible roll.

Left-handed people have the right to feel jealous. G502 is a very comfortable rodent that is ideal for medium, large and thick hands. My little rings almost blend in with the casing as a pillow, and the size of additional buttons makes it easy to push them. Even in the heat of battle. On the contrary - at the beginning you have to get used to not use mistakenly with delicate buttons built into the edge of the LPM.

After testing the mass of universal mice, I was happy to grab a profiled rodent. Logitech G502 HERO is like a spear, an arrow, a magic wand or a conductor's baton. You immediately feel that you can aim it properly. In the sense of precision, the shape of the device and the direction of the LPM / PPM, which have been slightly bent to the right, certainly helps. Thanks to this, the rodent is like the letter C - the boat bone to the right, the thumb to the left, the index fingers and cordial to the right again. It may sound not very comfortable, but this is how a human hand is built, and the G502 allows it to fit perfectly.

I am also glad that Logitech did not give up the roller with a double mode of operation. After turning on the dedicated button, the wheel rotates with tiny jumps, allowing much more precision and control. I love this feedback to the user. Feel every jump. Each clove. The degree of physical resistance was perfectly matched. I miss such solutions in competition products. There is usually a roll of mice. As much as possible, you can write about it, which is a pity.

Ideal optimized.

Logitech G502 HERO is a price-optimized, performance-enhanced, functionally extended leader of the "up to PLN 300 cable" category. If I did not want to spend a lot of money on a new game mouse, and for that I would care to keep the USB chain, the G502 would be my first shot. It's really hard to stick to any part of this product. The mouse is a Logitech sales hit and it's hard to be surprised. The collective player self proved to be very reasonable this time.

The biggest advantages:

  • The leader of your segment
  • great price ratio (250 PLN) to capacity and quality
  • The HERO 16K optical sensor captures PixArt PMW 3366
  • Sensational profile
  • As many as 11 buttons
  • This roll!
  • Perfect for FPS
  • One of the few nice mice with "sharp" design
  • A very good solution for medium, large, long and thick hands
  • Optional weights
  • Complete software support (profiles, macros, sensitivity, buttons, backlight)

The biggest drawbacks:

  • Left-handed people can envy her
  • People with small hands may have problems
  • A budget box

Are you looking for a mouse on a video game cable with a sensational price-performance ratio? You're not looking anymore.

Logitech has perfected its most-bought gaming mouse. Logitech G502 HERO - Spider's Web

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