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Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro: New Pricing and Features Leaked for the US and UK Markets

Google plans to the Google Pixel 8 and 8 Pro release date on October 4. New details about the phones’ pricing in the United States and the United Kingdom have now emerged online. Alongside the pricing, key features of both models have also been leaked. The Google Pixel 8 leaks show that it will cost … The post Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro: New Pricing and Features Leaked for the US and UK Markets appeared first on XiaomiToday .

Xiaomi summarized the year 2018, see the most important moments in the life of the company.

December 31, the last day of 2018. The internet is dominated by summaries of the past 364 days, on this occasion the Chinese giant Xiaomi also presented a short video presenting the last 12 months of the company's life. Xiaomi summarized the year 2018, see the most important moments in the life of the company. One of the most important events was entering the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Since the debut on the stock market, the price of shares has been falling, but I am constantly buying shares from the sympathy for the brand and belief in global success. Regularly buying smaller share fields is more secure. And as to the drop in the Xiaomi stock price, it is also such power as NASDAQ are falling. The US stock market has lost over 20% since August. The film presents many Xiaomi products, including, among others, the premiere of two smartphones Mi 8 and Mi Mix 3 and the conclusion of a partnership with the Swedish company IKEA. And what will be 2019? What will Xiaomi surprise us

At last I found a good smartphone holder in the supply, thanks to Xiaomi!

When driving a car, I try to ensure the greatest possible visibility, which is why I do not like to mount anything on the glass. If I have to, I want it to be as small as possible. Regarding the recorder, I had no choice but to mount it on the windshield. 70Mai Pro 1944p is so small that it is practically hidden behind the mirror and I do not lose sight of anything. The second device that must be in view while driving is a smartphone, mainly due to navigation. Due to the fact that I did not want to look at the window, I was looking for alternatives and found the handles in the air. Roidmi Car Holder - unfortunately not The first handle in the blow I bought was the Roidmi Car Holder . It consists of two parts and works on a magnet: one is put in the air and the other is glued to the back of the smartphone. I do not like to wear a smartphone case, and I will not stick a metal badge on the "backsides". As for the case, I proceed from the assumption that the producers do not c

Xiaomi smartphones will soon be officially available in Germany

The year 2018 is coming to an end, it can be said that for Xiaomi it was a breakthrough time. It was during the last 365 days that the Chinese giant entered Europe, opened its official salons in many European cities. Soon in another European country you will be able to officially buy smartphones with the Mi logo, which will be Germany. Xiaomi smartphones will soon be officially available in Germany Xiaomi made its first steps in November, establishing cooperation with the local distribution network Axdia. Handheld devices, TV boxes and projectors went on sale. The products have been adapted for sale on the local market by translating the interface and providing service and warranty. Xiaomi has achieved global popularity thanks to its smartphones and wristbands. So far, people living in the territory of Germany had to order a smartphone directly from China or go to another European country, eg Poland, the end of it. Soon and to Germany they have to hit smartphones with the Mi logo

xiaomi smartmi heater sell over 30000 in crowdfunding

xiaomi smartmi heater sell over 30000 in crowdfunding Xiaomi is a company that engages in the production of various products and services that extends access to the organization. The company has a loyal list of fans who usually like to connect more of their home appliances to Mi. Recently, the company has produced Heather, which aims to heat up users in the winter. The result is crowdfunding and welcoming users of this amazing product. According to the company, xiaomi smartmi heater has sold more than 30,000 units, and its total crowdfunding is over 9.43 million yuan ($ 1.3 million). These figures are quite remarkable for a newly introduced product. The xiaomi smartmi heater has a Landfund price of $ 299 yuan ($ ​​44). This device uses a conductive circulation heating method to first heat the ambient air inside the house in order to create a difference in temperature with cold air. This product has a heat wire of the internal Chrome chromium alloy, which is wrapped in an X-ty

70mai Dash Cam Pro 1944P [unpacking]

Xiaomi offers several devices for recording events on the road. Mirrored covers are available with a built-in camera and traditional recorders mounted to the glass. A few months ago, the new model 70mai Dash Cam Pro 1944P was presented, offering the best quality so far 2592 x 1944 at 30 frames per second. In addition, you can buy a GPS module, of course I ordered it. I hoped that it would indicate speed and geographical coordinates. And most of all I would like to write down the route traveled, speed and everything on Google maps and in a friendly way presented via www. It would be nice to check the collection of all routes after a year, the good end of dreams. What does the GPS module offer in a 70mai 1944p camera? From what I have discovered so far only ADAS functions. It informs about crossing the road lane, too close distance from the vehicle in front of us and notifies us when we wait at the traffic lights that the vehicle has moved ahead of us. The last function is sometimes us

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 - photo and video function test

Is Samsung Galaxy Note 9 really the best among smartphones with the best camera? I checked it. In order to check the quality of photos from the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 , I took it with me to Israel on the occasion of the trip. On the spot I used mainly the local SIM card, so I needed a second device. I also had the opportunity to take pictures in various conditions: from rainy Jerusalem to the sunny Masada. It also did not take great views 12 km over Turkey on the way back. If you are interested in the full Samsung Galaxy Note 9 test, I invite you to Marcin Połowianiuk's material. In this text, I am primarily interested in the quality of the pictures and films I have taken, and I focused on that. Samsung Galaxy Note 9: two stabilized cameras with a resolution of 12 Mpix, 4K films and variable aperture. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 inherited a photo module from the Galaxy S9 Plus . And that means it has two cameras: one with a wide-angle lens

People versus cosmos

Personally, I believe that the next boom of exploration and exploration of the cosmos is fast approaching. Thanks to private capital joined to the cosmic race, and the entry barrier is lowered, we can expect a major change in the next decade or two. I am convinced that at the end of this road is the construction of a manned interplanetary vessel and long-term unmanned missions outside the Solar System. Let's look at the development of space exploration in the past year. Here are some, in my opinion, important events in 2018. Successful mission of the Insight probe on Mars (with a Polish accent) The mission of the Insight probe prepared for several years was also interesting for us because of the penetrator of the ground, unofficially called Kret , prepared by the Polish company Astronika in cooperation with the Space Research Center of the Polish Academy of Sciences. The Insight mission provides up-to-date informatio

xiaomi mijia projector youth edition

xiaomi mijia projector youth edition The Chinese manufacturer, Xiaomi, launched the Mi 5000 Lumens Laser Projector last year with a projector market. Earlier this year, the Wemax One projector turned 7000 Lumens into Xiaomi and then the smaller Mijia 3500 Lumens projector. Now, the company has unveiled xiaomi mijia projector youth edition and it costs 2,499 yaun ($ ​​365), but its crowdfunding price is 2,199 yaun ($ ​​320). This crowdfunding starts on January 2 at 14:30. xiaomi mijia projector youth edition maintains the 40 to 120-inch screen of the previous version and uses the same MIUI TV system as the Xiaomi TV. Xiaomi mijia projector youth edition said that the 1080P LED light source will be available with projector lights with similar light sources on the market at around 3,000 yuan ($ 437). The xiaomi mijia projector youth edition has a natural advantage on the big screen, and can produce images of 80 inches, 120 inches or even larger. So users can enjoy a sizable di

High prices and quiet deaths of small matrices for professionals - we chose photo disappointments of the year

Floating prices, deaths of small matrices in professional equipment, on the one hand, and lack of an alternative to full frame, on the other - we chose this year's defeats in the photographic market. Marcin Połowianiuk: the most important negative trend of 2018 are prices. The photographic market has shrunk, and cheaper cameras that used to be the backbone of sales are now selling very badly, or not at all. The average consumer fires a much newer smartphone with three lenses than a basic SLR or mirrorless camera. It's reflected on two levels. First of all, in 2018 there were no interesting premieres of cheap cameras. The baselines are refreshed every year or two, but next generations do not bring anything new. You can see a huge stagnation and no idea to compete with smartphones. The second problem is the rising prices of advanced equipment. 2018 was full of great constructions, both in the case of corps and lenses. Unfortunately, they are becoming less and

Pixel, Android, goodbye to Inbox, Google+ and Allo. What was 2018 for Google?

What was the year 2018 for Google? The company removed this year's famous "do not be evil" from its code, and its karma caught it. This was not the best year for Google. The company, although it did financially start a good start, but decelerated strongly in the third quarter, disappointing investors. Humors' bosses have not improved either a record punishment from the European Commission or a rebellion of workers demanding the abandonment of the Maven project, then Dragonfly, or the decision of Epic Games that their fantastic earning game will be distributed outside of the Google Store. Google in 2018, however, is not just about scandals and failures. Some things really went well with the company. A large part of the application looks better than last year, some of them can be used in dark mode, and Pixels, like Pixels, impress with the quality of cameras. It announced the extinction of three applications, one new one was introduced, and the rest w