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xiaomi yeelight ylxd01yl

xiaomi yeelight ylxd01yl

If you want to bring the illumination of the sky to your home, it's enough to make the yeelight ceiling lamp. Its simplicity and beauty, and the whiteness of one hand, will make you indifferent at first glance.
Quality of life with light can be completely changed, so we come to the smart and efficient design to bring you a healthy, high-quality, long-term lighting. We've put Yeelight Ceiling Lamp up with you to think about how to study the book, whether to create a warm and intimate atmosphere with friends, or to create a light like sun for a start of high energy and create a moonlight like a moon to relax your nights. The Xiaomi Yeelight lamp has a nominal 28 watt and optical effects of the museum, with a lifespan of about 25,000 hours. This bulb is able to turn on a room of about 15-20 square meters. It also uses 240 color rendering indexes to 95Lumileds. So that you can change the light from the coldest to the warmest, from the brightest (1-2000 lumens) or the lightest (0.1 lumens), and the light effects to study, or The light for the baby, or the light of the night, with the slightest amount of light, strokes your eyes to sleep, and you can all of this effect to make your life different from ever and more energetic.

All of these features can be controlled remotely in the product box or your mobile phone via the mihome app or the iPad product itself, the yeelight, and you can also synchronize it with your miband to turn off the smart light when you're asleep. The quality of the very high build quality guarantees durability and durability as well as complete safety. To make it, high quality aluminum bulbs for heat transfer, and its components of approximately 450, have been manufactured after 96 processes after research and development.
Also, the IP60 has an anti-dust design (do not worry about the appearance of insects or dust in the bulb and your lamp remains clean and healthy.)

Also, with a special design and embedding a quick coupler slider, it's installed in the 5-minute installation, and you can install it every time you want to remove it and clean it safely. The use of ORSAM LEDs with precise design of vertebrate lamps, uniform, cleaner light with improved thermal, luminaire life, cooler, more efficient, stable, good light and long lasting performance.

● 5 minutes Fast installation: Innovative connection module for installation or quick opening
● Yevelight uses 240 color rendering indexes to 95Lumileds. Provides a museum light for you
● Moonlight Extreme: Moonlight provides warm and comfortable light during the night to touch the moon above your head.
● IP60 dust protection: protects dust and can get rid of intruders
● Three-dimensional dual chip system: Color temperature ranges from 2700K to 6500K, brightness range from .1 Lm to 2000Lm
● Bluetooth Remote Control: The Bluetooth Remote Control allows you to turn on and off the yeelight remotely and remotely.
● Remote control APP: Control via smartphone with WiFi or Bluetooth
● Mi Band Linkage: Co-ordinates with your miband when you sleep, resulting in auto-off
● Efficient Dissipation: Unibody's Aluminum Alloyboard is a highly efficient cooling system that can perfectly transfer the bulb heat and increase the longevity of the lamp.
● Yevelight is the world's first lamp to support WiFi and Bluetooth
● The IFF winner of the Industrial Design and Industrial Award in 2017

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