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xiaomi kiddies hair clipper

xiaomi kiddies hair clipper

A few days ago, the Chinese manufacturing giant, Xiaomi, announced plans to unveil a new product for kids, and this product will always be used for its apparent appearance. A poster with a scissor threw the idea into a hobby that Xiaomi wanted to reveal a scissor designed for kids. However, this product was not what they thought, because the company introduced a new version of xiaomi kiddies hair clipper.

xiaomi kiddies hair clipper

xiaomi kiddies hair clipper is specially designed for children with soft and sensitive hair. This device comes with a secure ceramic head and a durable twin engine that's comfortable to handle. This product is muted with a noise level of 55dB (A) and has a microphone capability. The xiaomi kiddies hair clipper absorbs cut hair in order to protect children's immunity and reduce the child's fear of seeing the hair spilled. In order to reduce the difficulty of starting, xiaomi kiddies hair clipper comes with 3mm / 6mm and 6mm / 12mm fixed shoulders that can easily create uniform hair for children.

This device has an IPX7 certificate and can be washed and dried simply after use. xiaomi kiddies hair clipper is priced at 199yuan ($29).

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