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This is a game every fan of pocket creatures should know. Pokemon Let s Go - Review

Pokemon Let's GO

Before the premiere of Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu and Pokemon Let's Go Eevee, I was concerned. I was afraid that my favorite series of pocket RPGs would be turned into a game for children. And you know what? I was not wrong. And yet I played great.

Both games from the Pokemon Let's Go series are the remake of Pokemon Yellow released in 1998. It was a variation on the subject of Pokemon Red and Blue, the plot of which was directly based on the animated series, gaining popularity around the world, also in Poland.

That is why in the new titles we have no way to start a game with a classic starting creature, such as Bulbasaur, Charmander or Squirtle. We can choose only the Pikachu chosen by Ash, the main character of the animation, or Eevee accompanying his greatest rival - Gary Oak.

It is worth remembering that we choose our companion at the time of purchasing the game. The creature on the box will automatically be our first pokemon and we will not be able to change our decision. What's more, we will not be able to evolve it, which is a reference to the first game series and Pokemon Yellow itself. In them, Pikachu did not want to turn into a stronger Raich because he was afraid of the accompanying evolution of personality change.

Pokemon Let's Go is a return to old garbage.

Pokemon Let's Go is a remake of first generation games, which looks just beautiful. In the case of the first games in the series, the graphics and sound design was purely contractual, and the work greater than the integrated circuits placed in GameBoy had to make the player's imagination. Now it has changed, and Kanto not only presents itself wonderfully and fantastically, but it also fully reflects my perceptions of this region. I was very pleasantly surprised.

From graphics and musical settings, however, more important are references to classic games, which every now and then spill out of the Nintendo Switch. We meet here Red and Blue (growi equivalent of Ash and Gary), as well as a lot of other characters referring to the previous scenes. The history itself is a carbon-paper with a decade of two decades. Just like we have to fight with trainers, win more badges, defeat Team Rocket, leaders of the Pokemon League and get 151 classic creatures. With few exceptions, because Game Freak has added here two bonus creatures and versions of first generation pokemon from Hawaiian Alola Islands. In total, we have to catch over 170 species, which is still an acceptable and achievable value.

The decision to implement primarily the first generation of pokemonów was very happy to me, because in the previous games from the series, the enormity of available creatures simply outgrew me. I am a person who had a break of a dozen or so years from Nintendo games and when after a long absence I saw that I have to collect over 800 different specimens to finish the game, I simply did not do it in the world. This task would take hundreds of me, if not thousands of hours, and I would not be able to remember all of them. That's why I finished Pokemon Sun and Ultra Moon right after doing the main thread. Here, in turn, I played on, but we will write about it later.

The creators got rid of the most annoying mechanics.

Everyone who has contact with pokemon knows that these games are quite monotonous. Go, paw, fight, go, paw, fight all the time. The further you get into the forest, the boring it gets. Walking on the grass and waiting for a missing creature could last for hours. This was because the player did not have any influence over which match he would meet and only after the start of the fight he knew what he was going to face. Now this problem does not exist, because you can already see creatures walking around in the exploration of Kanto. It is the player who decides whether he wants to catch them or if he can bypass them. However, due to the change in the mechanics of encountering pokemon, it was abandoned, among others from the possibility of catching them with a rod, which can irritate some players.

I also love the fact that it is not necessary to fight him to capture the creature. Instead, the mechanics known from Pokemon Go are used here, but it is more difficult to catch creatures in Let's Go. I say this as a person who plays mobile pokemon from the very beginning, from July 2016. What's more, catching them in a stationary mode is more difficult than in a mobile mode and requires precise throws. Therefore, before the hunt, it is worth switching to the console's mobile mode, otherwise you will quickly hurt your arms. On the other hand, when exploring the world, it is more convenient to landline mode, because one Joy-con is enough to control in Pokemon Let's Go.

Elements of the fight were left only for special events, such as meetings with legendary or event pokemon. Here, however, the whole is too shallow. While once the player had to be careful to lower the HP creature as much as possible without killing it, so now he must simply finish it off. Zero finesse.

Older players also probably remember HM attacks, which were necessary to efficiently navigate the game map and destroy terrain obstacles. Unfortunately, they were not too useful in the fight, and removing them was much more difficult than with other moves. Now they have been replaced with the skills of our partner. We fly with it, swim and cross the trees standing in our path. This is an illogical solution (Pikachu flying in braces with balloons!), Which is very useful. You can see that the creators in many fields wanted to go to the players on hand.

Integration with Pokemon Go could be better.

The player can connect any number of Pokemon Go to his Nintendo Switch. This means that to feel the benefit of having a Nintendo Switch, we do not really need a console, only a friend with it. After connecting to it, we can send to Pokemon Let's Go creatures without the possibility of returning to Pokemon Go, and in exchange for it once a week we receive a package known as the Mystery Box. It serves to acquire the mythical pokemon - Meltan in Pokemon Go.

After sending the creatures to our game, however, they do not go directly to our collection, only to Go Park - a site available after 20-22 hours of continuous play. So we can not move our creatures immediately after launching the production. At the beginning I wanted to do it myself, but then I got so caught up in the game that I decided to catch as many species in the game as possible or exchange with other players because some pokemon can only be caught in Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu, while others in Pokemon Let's Go Eevee. Therefore, you can not complete Pokedex without exchanging or integrating with Pokemon Go.

Unfortunately, the integration itself runs smoothly only on devices with iOS, and my Nintendo Switch did not want to connect to any Android smartphone. It's quite an oversight and I hope that it will be repaired soon. Let me know if you also have such problems or just my isolated case. For now, I must send pokemon from the iPad.

What happens when you finish the game?

When I saw the final credits after 30 hours ... I just started playing. It did not take another three hours when my Pokedex was full, and I could enjoy the certificate confirming this task. However, this was not the end of the game, because the game has the opportunity to re-duel with the strongest coaches and masters specializing in training one particular pokemon species. As you can see, there is a lot to do in the game.

However, I can not say that I am fully satisfied with what the creators of the game served us. I expected that they would decide to give the neighboring Kanto region to players, in which the Pokemon Gold, Silver and Crystal games take place. Unfortunately, this one will probably be available in the next game from the Pokemon Let's Go series.

This is confirmed by both Nintendo employees, who appear in a simplified version depending on the financial results of Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu and Pokemon Let's Go Eevee. Also in the game itself, we can learn from one of the trainers that the talented trainer will meet at the earliest in three years. This is the time between the first and second generations of Pokemon games. Case? I do not think so.

Is it worth buying Pokemon Let's Go?

In a nutshell - yes. If you are a fan of the series, you will appreciate the return to the Kanto region in a completely new, much more vivid graphic design. And if you are new to the world of Pokemon, you will not find here mechanics and solutions that you could bounce back from previous games in the series. Pokemon Let's Go in any version is a great game for absolutely everyone.

I will say more - this is also one of the titles worth buying Nintendo Switch for. The more so that next year just on this console will appear another, completely new game with pokemonami in the main role. Pokemon Let's Go in any version is a great preparation for this adventure.

This is a game every fan of pocket creatures should know. Pokemon Let's Go - Review


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