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samsung galaxy f : new foldable phone samsung

samsung galaxy f

Samsung is likely to unveil its first smartphone and folding smartphone next weekend, which will be based on the expectations of Samsung Galaxy F.

Although the true name of this flexible mobile phone has not yet been disclosed, many sources of information are called samsung galaxy f and it is unlikely that Korean use this brand because F is the first word Foldable meaning folding.

Recently, there are new releases about the samsung galaxy f which makes it one step closer to reality. Accordingly, this unique phone with the model number SM-F900U is going to end the final tests on American operators. European and Asian versions will also be finalized soon with SM-F900F and SM-F900N models, respectively.
samsung galaxy f

The more interesting thing, though, is the samsung galaxy f with 512 GB internal storage and support for two SIM cards simultaneously. Having such features is a sign of Samsung's big plans for this series. Due to the number of different models and strong hardware, we will see the global release of this mobile phone and, on the other hand, eager buyers will have to pay themselves at least $ 1,000.

Earlier, DJ Co, Samsung Mobile CEO had emphasized that the device will act as a mobile phone as well as a tablet.

In spite of all these speculations, Samsung has recently announced rumors of mobile gaming development, and it should also be considered that Samsung Galaxy F is the same as mobile gamers. In any case, it's likely that next week we will see the introduction of a new mobile device from Koreans that will foster competing mobile gaming or gaming.

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