Orange speeds up LTE. Greater network capacity in three large cities

orange lte

Orange has completed the reconfiguration of its LTE network. This is to translate into a faster data transfer with subscribers from Warsaw, Szczecin and Gdansk.

The Poles' appetite for data transfer is constantly growing. According to Orange, "4G LTE network traffic has grown in less than four years over forty times". Telecoms, to meet demand, constantly build new base stations and modernize existing ones.

Orange has already completed increasing network capacity in three new locations. The LTE network capacity has increased by 58 percent. in Warsaw, where the trial started already in May 2018. In addition, the company boasts that the capacity of the LTE network is higher by 45 percent. in Gdańsk and as much as 77 percent. in Szczecin and Police.

The larger capacity of the LTE network translates indirectly into faster data transfer.

The changes that the operator made in the 2100 MHz and 1800 MHz frequency bands have meant that Orange is now able to handle more calls at the same time. Thanks to the wider bands expressed in Hertz, the operator can send more bits per second to and from client devices.

The extent to which the device will be able to use changes in LTE in Orange depends on the modem installed in it. They are referred to as CAT-X, where X is a number. The rule is simple - the higher the number, the better. However, all subscribers of the operator will feel the benefits from this.

Customers of the Orange network with older and less advanced smartphones will also be happy about the changes.

Orange will be able to dynamically manage the allocation of frequency bands thanks to changes in the network. Newer devices with better modems will be directed to those whose older devices that connect to the given base station are not able to handle. Orange argues that the effects of these changes can already be seen in the speed rankings of Polish mobile internet providers.

Increasing the capacity of the LTE network in Warsaw, Gdańsk and Szczecin is the next step of the operator, which aims to improve the quality of services provided. Previously similar works were carried out, among others in Upper Silesia. The operator also announces that he has in mind the tourists from the mountain villages and will modify the network so that the increased winter demand for data transfer will be satisfied.

Orange speeds up LTE. Greater network capacity in three large cities


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