Less means more. Huawei Watch GT is a great combination of sports wristband and smartwatch

Huawei Watch GT

At the time of this writing, my Huawei Watch GT shows that it has discharged to 40 percent. It is quite a feat because I have been using it for over ten days.

However, before we go to work, just look at this device. When I first saw the render of the Huawei Watch GT, I was in love with him. This model appeared as an elegant smartwatch with a leather strap.

The strap actually turned out not to be leather, only rubber. This is a deliberate treatment, because the Huawei Watch GT is really an extensive fitness band, which only has the form of a classic watch. This equipment could not be factory-equipped with a leather strap or bracelet, because these are not suitable for swimming, gym or running.

If someone does not exercise too often, of course he can change the factory strap on the skin or metal. These materials will visually match the massive envelope made of stainless steel. This one is 46.5 mm in diameter and its thickness is over 10 mm. These dimensions already show that the Huawei Watch GT will look better on the masculine than the female wrist.

The appearance of the smart machine is largely due to the display. The manufacturer knows this perfectly, that's why the Huawei Watch GT has been equipped with a round OLED screen that provides beautiful color reproduction and infinite black. Its diameter is 1.39 inches, and the resolution up to 454 x 454 pixels. In practice, this means that the equipment under test offers a fully legible image where individual pixels can not be seen.

Less means more.

Huawei made a very courageous decision and decided that his new watches will not work under the control of the Wear OS system, i.e. an Android version created for garments. Instead, original LiteOS software was used. It works very smoothly, responsive and does not cause any problems.

However, it is not perfect, because the Huawei Watch GT has less features than other watches. For example, it has not been equipped with a loudspeaker or a microphone. And hence, he has no voice assistant. You can not use it to receive calls and make calls. However, this is not an exaggerated problem, because talking on the level of the wrist is not comfortable and pleasant.

It's enough for me that Huaweia's smartwatch allows you to reject an unwanted connection. It does not bother me that it only displays the beginning of long messages, you can not view the entire email or conversation on Facebook. In the end, it is much more convenient to do it on the phone.

Additional applications? The ones I installed on my Watch OS watch were useless. In fact, I miss only the Spotify application for controlling music and contactless payments. The lack of the latter function is mainly due to the lack of Huawei Pay in Poland.

It is worth noting that the watch has only 11 predefined dials. In this respect, it falls out worse than the first two generations of Huawei Watch, which operated under the control of the Wear OS. There, the choice of shields was practically infinite, only the most characteristic patterns for this type of equipment remained. Apparently enough, but it could be better. Sam, however, I suspect that this aspect will improve over time, because initially the selection of shields was even smaller, and additional designs were added by one of the first updates.

What can Huawei Watch GT do ?

Display the time, of course. And in addition to measure the quality of sleep, the pulse and the number of steps taken during the day. There are also many sports functions such as:

  • Running with directions
  • Running in the field
  • Running on the treadmill
  • Field march
  • Climbing
  • Cross-country
  • Cycling
  • Stationary bike
  • Swimming at the pool
  • Swimming - open water
  • Other

They are absolutely enough for a person practicing sports sporadically, for example for me. At the same time I am able to appreciate first of all the first program, which, step by step, teaches how to run total novices. I will not say anything about the rest of the programs, but Piotr Barycki did it in his text devoted to the sports functions of this watch.

Huawei Watch GT works really long.

Its battery has a capacity of 410 mAh, standard for this type of gadgets. Despite this, the Watch GT is characterized by a very long operation time without recharging. The manufacturer declares that with the heart rate monitor switched on, the watch can last for two weeks, and for a month without it.

And these are not exaggerated values, as you already know from the introduction to this text. I am sure that my Huawei Watch GT, measuring my pulse continuously, will discharge after two weeks at the earliest. For this result, I was still 3-4 days and 40 percent. battery. It should work.

Such a long working time is the aftermath of using simple software that does not consume much energy. So here, paradoxically, the lack of additional features turned out to be the advantage of the watch.

Well, is it a watch?

If you were expecting the Huawei Watch GT to be a classic smartwatch, you might have disappointed it. This equipment does not have many features known from other gadgets, but there is nothing wrong with that. Installing the application? Voice calls? An intelligent assistant? I do not miss these things.

Until now, smart watches have not appealed to me. I did not use most of their functions, the price was often exaggerated, and the time of work was disappointing. In turn, sports wristbands were screaming from my wrist "HEY, I AM THICK AND THE ONLY WHAT I DO IT, I WILL PURCHASE THIS DRAWN GADGET".

Huawei Watch GT is not a smartwatch per se, but it looks like one of them. It has all the features of a decent smartband: full water resistance, battery life counted in weeks and a lower price than most smartwatches. It is this marriage of the best features of watches and sports bands that makes many people become its fans. What I am the best example of.

* The article was created in cooperation with the Huawei brand, which provided test equipment.

Less means more. Huawei Watch GT is a great combination of sports wristband and smartwatch


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