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how to use xiaomi mi home app?

xiaomi mi home app

Xiaomi has sold a lot of smartwatches. These devices can be controlled through the mobile app and make it easy and convenient for you.

An application that supports most Xiaomi gadgets is called Mi Home. The Mi Home app has been updated over time and added some cool features.

This app has 4 tabs (tabs): My Devices, Mi Home Store, News and Profile. The most important part of this app is the My Devices tab, in which all the gadgets you have added.
xiaomi mi home app

For the first time you log in to this software, you must create a Xiaomi account. To do this, you can touch the Sign up option and complete the registration steps. You can refer to this link for registration training.
When entering the username, select the country of Mainland China next to the field and enter the password to be redirected to the home page.

The Mi Home software interface is very nice and does not make the user tired. At the top, the air temperature, the name of your area, the air quality and the quality of drinking water are included. Below is a list of the gadgets you add. And a bit below those buttons, you can set up your own automation with Xiaomi gadgets.

In the upper right corner of the software environment, there is a + sign. By touching it, the Add device and Add scenes options are displayed. The first option is to add Xiaomi gadgets and the second option is to add automation and give different commands to gadgets. By touching the Add device, you'll enter a page where the Add camera products button is highlighted below and the Scan and Add manually options are inserted. By touching Add camera products, you can connect Xiaomi cameras to the app. If your phone's Bluetooth is turned on, with the touch of Scan, the gadgets that work with Bluetooth will be displayed on this screen so you can get started. By touching Add manually, you will enter the Xiaomi product list page.

Xiaomi devices have the same setup method, but their resetting methods are slightly different. You will see how to reset it by touching each device in the list.

In this list, devices such as Xiaomi smartphones, smart power sockets, Xiaomi routers, air purifiers, Yeelight lights, Yeelight bubble lights, smart home kits, power keys, Wi-Fi amplifiers, powerlinks, smart toothbrushes, smart shoes, flood sensors and The plant, the alarm clock and Bluetooth speakerphone, Amazfit smartwatch, Ninabit scooter, smoke detection sensor, and so on.

If you connect a device to the app, the image and the name of that device will be displayed on the My Devices tab in the app's first page. If you hold your finger a few seconds on the device's icon, the Rename, Share, Sort, and More options are displayed. The Share option is one of the great features of the app that lets you share your device with someone else. For example, you can share smart wipes with your spouse so that they can control the cookie in the Mi Home application installed on your phone and give it the necessary commands.

In the Mi Home program, you can assign any device, room, or location to it. For example, you can assign a Xiaomi Router to Hall, a rice cooker to the kitchen, and an air purifier to the living room, so you can manage each room individually.

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