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Bose QC35 II are great headphones. Do not buy them - a review

Bose QC35 second generation is a great equipment. The premium earphones that will surely dominate airports and stations around the world - as predecessor. The problem is ... it's not enough.

Technically, I could paste a review of the first generation of Bose headphones here , add a paragraph about the new color and a button that awakens the Google Assistant, and the robot is over. Bose QC35 II differ from the previous model to such a small extent that if it was not for the button on the housing, no one would be able to distinguish between them.

It has its good sides.

Bose QC35 II

It's still the most comfortable wireless headphones you can buy.

"Comfort" did not appear in the name of Bose's headphones unjustly. These cans are extremely comfortable. Soft earmuffs gently surround the pinna, padded headband does not compress the skull, construction weighs only 240 g, so it is extremely lightweight. The comfort of Bose QC35 II can be talked about in superlatives.

Operating comfort - just like in Bose QC35 - also stands at the highest level. We control all the functions with a sizable but still aesthetically-looking buttons that are easy to "feel" with headphones on the head.

Bose QC35 II

After removing the headphones from the head, we can fold them and hide them in the included case, which takes up really little space in the bag or backpack.

The scratch in this picture (at least for me) is the direction in which the earmuffs rotate after the headphones are pulled over the neck. Instead of turning the earmuffs down like all other headphones, the Bose QC35 II rotates with the earmuffs up. It is uncomfortable, looks comical, and exposes headphones to unnecessary pollution.

[caption id = "attachment_578209" align = "alignnone" width = "2000"] In the picture: Bose QC35 I [/ caption]

Someone explained to me on the occasion of the review of the first generation of headphones, that ear muffs rotate in such a way as not to soil the newly washed shirt of a businessman. I do not buy this justification. If somebody is afraid that the ear muffs will get more dirty than the outer part of cans, then maybe it's worth ... to take care of hygiene? Just saying.

Noise reduction is still exemplary.

We put headphones on the ears and the outside world disappears, as if someone cast a Muffliato spell on him. Over the past few weeks I have greatly appreciated the quality of ANC in Bose, not during a flight, plane trip or walking around the city. And just sitting at home, trying to focus on work, while the mechanical keyboard of the wife knocked next to it, the dog was roaring on the kids running around the block, and the cats were roaming around the apartment. Ot, the everyday life of remote work in a small apartment.

Bose QC35 II

Good active noise reduction in such conditions is salvation. Bose QC35 II perfectly isolate us from the outside world and you do not need any applications on the phone or additional buttons - ANC works always, just put on your headphones.

In contrast to the previous generation, the intensity of active noise reduction can be adjusted with a button on the housing. However, in order to do this, we need to install the Bose Connect application and change the role of the side button from activating the Assistant (about in a moment) on the ANC regulation.

Bose QC35 II

The sound will not blow anyone away, but it will not disappoint either.

Bose QC35 has never been a market leader when it comes to sound quality and is still not. In this class, if I'm to be honest, practically every handset plays better. Not to mention headphones that are marginally more expensive, like the Bowers and Wilkins PX , which play better.

However, potential buyers probably will not bother, because Bose QC35 II are playing ... just OK. The sound is nice, warm, and detailed enough. I am a big fan of exaggerated selectivity and detail; I like to be able to distinguish each instrument on the recording and analyze its melodic line, and unfortunately Bose QC35 II is not suitable.

Bose QC35 II

However, they are perfect for relaxing with music (without the need to analyze it), listening to a podcast or audiobook. Sensational also perform during phone calls, perfectly cutting our voice from the noise of the environment.

I really like these headphones. Unfortunately, being "good" is not enough.

In the Bose QC35 II vacuum, they deserve all praise and blind recommendation. The problem is that while the first generation of legendary headphones debuted "in a vacuum", Bose QC35 II has side by side rivals who simply can not do it.

According to the manufacturer , we will pay PLN 1699 for Bose QC35 II. In electronics stores, however, we can easily find them for PLN 1399. And this is a problem, because even at this lower price, we will buy something better.

Let's take Bose's archaic - Sony. The latest model of headphones from this manufacturer, WH-1000XM3, costs catalog exactly the same as Bose's product (previous generation - only 999 PLN!). And it spreads it into blades in every respect.

Noise reduction? Not only better, but also better controlled - in Sony headphones we can choose the nature of noise reduction, determine its intensity, and if necessary, switch off quickly, for example to hear what message is coming from the loudspeakers at the station.

Quality of sound? With the new Sony I had contact only for a moment, but it was enough to appreciate how neatly new cans emulate audio sets driven by lamps. I'm sorry to say, but in terms of sound Bose falls really pale in comparison with the competition.

And do not even start talking about additional features, because here Bose is simply run over by competitors - and not only by the latest Sony headphones, but also by other models, such as Sennheiser PXC 550 or Plantronics constructions.

Bose QC35 II

Bose prides himself on integrating the Google Assistant in the new QC35 II. And great, because it's really useful bajer (although the new Sony headphones also have it).

Google assistant in headphones Bose can read the notification. It does this automatically when you receive a notification, or after a single press of a button. Holding the button you can answer it, eg write to a text message, dictating its content.

We can hold the Assistant button longer and ask what we want. For weather, latest information, etc. If we formulate the commands well, the Google Assistant will open the application, play the music and do what we ask for it (turn on the flashlight, set the alarm clock, etc.).

Google's assistant in Polish is still a very poorly developed product, which you can read more in a separate article , but as a supplement to the headphones is very useful.

It is a pity that the Assistant is the only addition that Bose QC35 II can boast. We have one advanced function, but ... there is no absolute foundation. Like a little bit like pauses of music after downloading the headphones and resuming after re-inserting. It can almost every competitor among wireless headphones from 800 zlotys and above. A Bose QC35 II no.

Bose QC35 II

For this we want to regulate the ANC directly from the headphones, we need to devote the calling button Assistant. This is not a well-thought-out solution.

As if that was not enough, Bose no longer sets a standard when it comes to working time on a single charge. QC35 II can operate for a maximum of 20 hours. Direct competition is able to play without a cable for half as long. And yes, the Bose QC35 II is still loaded with the old microUSB connector, but it does not surprise me - the audio industry has been stubbornly pretending that USB-C does not exist .

Ah, I would have forgotten - if you plan to use wireless headphones with a computer with Windows 10, Bose QC35 II is not a good choice. When connected, they play quietly, the sound volume control from the system stops working, and using them as a headset for conversations often ends with sounding like R2D2 on the recipients' side.

This is of course not Bose's fault, and Microsoft, who for years has not been able to comprehend audio drivers in Windows, nevertheless, I warn you - Bose and Windows are not a chosen pair.

Bose QC35 II

Bose QC35 II are great headphones. Do not buy them.

I would like to be able to recommend these headphones with a clear conscience, because I really liked them. They are very comfortable, they play OK and reduce noise at more than satisfying levels.

However, at this price almost every wireless earphone with active noise reduction is better than Bose QC35 II.

And even if I do not know how he tried, I will not go through the throat, it's worth buying instead of comparable Sony or Sennheiser. I'm sorry, Bose. The second generation QC35 will not be a legend.

Bose QC35 II are great headphones. Do not buy them - a review


  1. Totally agree on Bose QC35 II rotates with the earmuffs up. It is very uncomfortable hanging on the neck with the plastic cover rubbing your neck skin.


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