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2 new xiaomi tabletop humidifiers : VH Man and guildford

xiaomi tabletop humidifiers VH Man

Some heating systems make the environment very dry, which is not suitable for human health. Especially now and at the beginning of the cold season, the use of household appliances for heating the house, the air around us is very dry and can lead to dehydration, especially the eyes and mouth, and even cause headaches or respiratory problems.

This way, if you really want to be warm and still stay healthy, moisturizer devices can be useful; now we talk about xiaomi tabletop humidifiers VH Man and xiaomi tabletop humidifiers Guildford.

xiaomi tabletop humidifiers VH Man:

xiaomi tabletop humidifiers VH Man

It's not clear why Xiaomi or any company that designed this device (i.e., VH) called it "Man," but we suspect it's because other tools produced by this subbrand are generally dedicated to men. It's named, especially those who work with the PC, such as the mini-desktop fan that was previously released.

Xiaomi tabletop humidifiers VH Man has a capacity of 420 milliliters and can evaporate water upwards for 10 consecutive hours or 24 hours.

xiaomi tabletop humidifiers Guildford:

xiaomi tabletop humidifiers Guildford

In the case of xiaomi tabletop humidifiers Guildford, it also has a capacity of 320 ml, a LED that makes it like a beautiful night light, and finally a cylindrical container and a USB-Type-C port. Since this port is newer, it's much easier to connect than usual with a USB port (not important for connecting the pins). Unlike VH Man, xiaomi tabletop humidifiers Guilford does not have a battery and so can only be used when connected to power.
xiaomi tabletop humidifiers Guildford

Although the two devices are quite different from each other, the prices are the same. Xiaomi tabletop humidifiers VH Man is currently selling at a price of 65 yuan ($9), while Xiaomi Tabletop humidifiers Guildford is currently on the Chinese brand's website for 79 yuan ($11).

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