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Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro: New Pricing and Features Leaked for the US and UK Markets

Google plans to the Google Pixel 8 and 8 Pro release date on October 4. New details about the phones’ pricing in the United States and the United Kingdom have now emerged online. Alongside the pricing, key features of both models have also been leaked. The Google Pixel 8 leaks show that it will cost … The post Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro: New Pricing and Features Leaked for the US and UK Markets appeared first on XiaomiToday .

Yeelight presents a mini lamp with motion and twilight sensor

A few months ago, Xiaomi presented two twin lamps by Yeelight. They have similar design and three common features: battery supply, twilight sensor and motion sensor. Now the offer has hit a new product with the same use as its predecessors, but it should be put in a 230V socket. The new Yeelight lamp will work perfectly as an additional light at night, for example on the bedroom - bathroom route. Yeelight presents a mini lamp with a motion sensor and twilight to the socket The lamp has two functions: it shines all the time or only after dark when it detects movement. The lighting time is then 30 seconds, after which it will be switched off automatically. The Yeelight 230V lamp has a light color of 2500K and consumes only 0.4W. Unfortunately, it has a Chinese plug and it is necessary to use an adapter. Therefore, in my opinion, a better choice will be a battery model, mine already works on batteries for several months. No need to put in the socket provides additional functionality,

Finally, some privacy on Instagram. From now on, you decide who will see your Stories

Stories for close friends will finally appear on Instagram. Now you can choose people with whom you can share your relationship with a trip to a nearby café. Contrary to appearances, we do not want to share all stories with the entire Internet. Some things we prefer to show only to a group of trusted friends and acquaintances, in the end not everyone needs to know that our life is not just about soy latte drinking and riding a designer bike. Instagram finally responds to this need and introduces the possibility of publishing stories only for a selected group of friends. Only for your eyes, or Stories for close friends. Now, before you publish Stories, you can choose who will be able to view them. When publishing an account, Instagram will ask you if you want to share it for everyone or only for close friends. The list of close friends is fixed and edited very easily on your own profile. What's better, you can make changes without fear. The removed neighbor from

My first adventure with Red Dead Online was full of mindless fights, unnecessary fights and crash games

Before the premiere of Red Dead Redemption 2 together with our friends, we promised a lot after the multiplayer module. We created our own band with the eyes of the imagination, we attacked the trains and we played like never before. My first contact with Red Dead Online was ... radically different. At the very beginning it is worth noting that Red Dead Online is in the beta stage. Consequently, theoretically all blunders, bugs and mistakes of producers should be treated with a bit more understanding. RDO is not a final product, and after my first adventure in the Wild West, I dare to think that it will not last long. [caption id = "attachment_848375" align = "aligncenter" width = "1920"] This is the best state of teeth that you can choose in the character creator [/ caption] I admit, naming the heroine "Bonnie" was not the most creative thing in my life. The opportunity to play an 18-year-old woman seemed to me an interestin

Less means more. Huawei Watch GT is a great combination of sports wristband and smartwatch

At the time of this writing, my Huawei Watch GT shows that it has discharged to 40 percent. It is quite a feat because I have been using it for over ten days. However, before we go to work, just look at this device. When I first saw the render of the Huawei Watch GT, I was in love with him. This model appeared as an elegant smartwatch with a leather strap. The strap actually turned out not to be leather, only rubber. This is a deliberate treatment, because the Huawei Watch GT is really an extensive fitness band, which only has the form of a classic watch. This equipment could not be factory-equipped with a leather strap or bracelet, because these are not suitable for swimming, gym or running. If someone does not exercise too often, of course he can change the factory strap on the skin or metal. These materials will visually match the massive envelope made of stainless steel. This one is 46.5 mm in diameter and its thickness is over 10 mm. These dimensions already sho

The creators of Life is Strange 2 explain why we have to wait so much for the next episode

Dontnod Studio explains to players how much they will have to wait for Life is Strange 2 episodes. For sure longer than in the first season. The first episode of Life is Strange 2 was released on 27 September. Fortunately, he was very good, proving that Dontnod has an idea for this series and is not just going to make money from the success of the first season. The history of the Diaz brothers arouses a lot of emotions at this stage. It's easy to get attached to these characters and worry about their fate, even if the gameplay without the skills of Max impoverished. We are already waiting two months for any information regarding the next episode. Developers have finally decided to speak on this matter , while warning that the intervals between sections will be longer than in the first season of Life is Strange. We understand the expectations that episodes will be coming out at similar intervals, as in the case of previous Life is Strange games. However, the ambit

PvP fights are going to Pokemon GO. Perfect new for winter months

Fans of mobile Pokemon GO can receive a premature Christmas gift from Niantic. It looks like PvP battles will appear any time in the game. Pokemon GO is over 2 years old, but the game does not stop developing . This year, fans received a plethora of new products. The system of adding friends , the ability to exchange items , the fourth generation of creatures to catch and integration with Pokemon Let's GO on Nintendo Switch are just some of them. The creators regularly bring Pokemon GO closer to the first installment of the series on portable consoles. Pokemon GO from the debut lacked two important functions that were the pillar of the Pokemon series for Nintendo consoles. Already 20 years ago, it was possible to combine two GameBoye cables to exchange caught specimens and duels. Games for the next Nintendo consoles allowed for a multiplayer game over the Internet. Two decades later, in Pokemon GO for smartphones - means devices that are constantly connected to

Orange speeds up LTE. Greater network capacity in three large cities

Orange has completed the reconfiguration of its LTE network. This is to translate into a faster data transfer with subscribers from Warsaw, Szczecin and Gdansk. The Poles' appetite for data transfer is constantly growing. According to Orange, "4G LTE network traffic has grown in less than four years over forty times". Telecoms, to meet demand, constantly build new base stations and modernize existing ones. Orange has already completed increasing network capacity in three new locations. The LTE network capacity has increased by 58 percent. in Warsaw, where the trial started already in May 2018. In addition, the company boasts that the capacity of the LTE network is higher by 45 percent. in Gdańsk and as much as 77 percent. in Szczecin and Police. The larger capacity of the LTE network translates indirectly into faster data transfer. The changes that the operator made in the 2100 MHz and 1800 MHz frequency bands have meant that Orange is now able to hand

Do you feel that breath of pure terror? The terrifying coffee war with pornography has just begun

So war. Starbucks blocked porn, YouPorn blocked Starbucks Starbucks hit first . The declaration of war took the form of blocking access to pornographic films in all the premises of the network. You did not have to wait long for YouPorna's answer. The company raised the thrown glove and took revenge. In the YouPorna headquarters, all products with the logo of a strangely curved mermaid obtained the cafea non grata status. On the Wi-Fi in Starbucks, pornography was blocked. Starbucks decided that watching demolished people doing different kinds of adultery with other undressed people does not agree with a worthy sipping vanilla latte. The network decided to block porn content by bending under the influence of the anti-pornographic lobby. However, in order not to lose all her frugal customers, she left a small gate to the land of laughter. While explicit pornography will be blocked, adult movies are to be allowed. Algorithms responsible for content filtering will th

Microsoft intends to revive the Surface line. There will be new devices, new processors and apologies from USB-C

We already know Microsoft's plans for the next year with respect to the Surface product line. According to assumptions, it will be much more interesting than in recent months. The new products will again have a significant impact on the PC market. The past year was mainly the time of tidying up the Surface device line. The equipment has been slightly refreshed, their manufacturer focused on replacing the components with more modern ones. The approach to changes was so conservative that even the implementation of USB-C ports in Surface PCs was not decided - still focusing on the proprietary Surface Connect interface. The next year and the beginning of 2020 will be much more interesting. Microsoft is working on completely new Surfaces, which, for the second time, are to set standards for the company's partners involved in the production of Windows hardware. This information comes from the book "Beneath a Surface", which premiered yesterday. Written by

The creators of Dragon Age, please, come back to the philosophy of the first part that built the brand

The fact that the new Dragon Age arises has been confirmed some time ago. But this year, maybe we'll find out what this game is. Dragon Age is another BioWare brand after Mass Effect, whose future seems uncertain. Sure, we know that something is slicing, but what exactly is it and do we really want it? This is another issue. Anyway fans of the series are waiting hot December. In the latest blog post, Casey Hudson wrote the following paragraph: If you follow this blog, me or Mark Darrah on Twitter, you know that we're also working on strictly secret things related to Dragon Age. Dragon Age is an extremely important brand in our studio, and we are happy that we can continue its legacy. Look for information on this subject in the coming month (I will not tell you where to look ...) The first thought is obvious: The Game Awards, which will take place on December 6. During the prestigious award ceremony, the best games of the year will be announced over 10 new t

Bose QC35 II are great headphones. Do not buy them - a review

Bose QC35 second generation is a great equipment. The premium earphones that will surely dominate airports and stations around the world - as predecessor. The problem is ... it's not enough. Technically, I could paste a review of the first generation of Bose headphones here , add a paragraph about the new color and a button that awakens the Google Assistant, and the robot is over. Bose QC35 II differ from the previous model to such a small extent that if it was not for the button on the housing, no one would be able to distinguish between them. It has its good sides. It's still the most comfortable wireless headphones you can buy. "Comfort" did not appear in the name of Bose's headphones unjustly. These cans are extremely comfortable. Soft earmuffs gently surround the pinna, padded headband does not compress the skull, construction weighs only 240 g, so it is extremely lightweight. The comfort of Bose QC35 II can be talked about in superlativ

YouTube sets a longer expiration date. Stories on YouTube have just become a fact

As usual, Google is a bit late when it comes to social media, and finally caught up with the rest of the rate. The hottest format of the last years will also appear on YouTube. The platform has already announced the appearance of this format in August. Until now, however, only selected partners have had access to it, who tested, experimented and published. In the meantime, Google collected information, corrected and evaluated. The tests had to be successful, because Stories just went out into wide waters . Longer expiration date. Stories on YouTube will not expire for 7 days. Stories on YouTube do not differ much from what Snap, Instagram or Facebook got used to. The format itself is simple as the construction of a very colorful, glued sticker and playing when you press it, flail, so it is difficult to make many modifications. The main change introduced by YouTube is to extend the lifetime of the recorded relationship. Instead of expiring after just one day, YouTube&

This is a game every fan of pocket creatures should know. Pokemon Let s Go - Review

Before the premiere of Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu and Pokemon Let's Go Eevee, I was concerned. I was afraid that my favorite series of pocket RPGs would be turned into a game for children. And you know what? I was not wrong. And yet I played great. Both games from the Pokemon Let's Go series are the remake of Pokemon Yellow released in 1998. It was a variation on the subject of Pokemon Red and Blue, the plot of which was directly based on the animated series, gaining popularity around the world, also in Poland. That is why in the new titles we have no way to start a game with a classic starting creature, such as Bulbasaur, Charmander or Squirtle. We can choose only the Pikachu chosen by Ash, the main character of the animation, or Eevee accompanying his greatest rival - Gary Oak. It is worth remembering that we choose our companion at the time of purchasing the game. The creature on the box will automatically be our first pokemon and we will not be able to

From tomorrow it s easier to prove to the operator that our internet works too slowly

The link speed measurement tool - Pro Speed ​​Test - is just completing the beta testing phase. Has already received the certificate of the President of the Office of Electronic Communications and will be available to first interested parties from December. A free fiber, right? Do you pay several dozen zlotys a month for the Internet itself, and the data transfer speed is much lower than the one declared? I think that many of our readers have already had the dubious pleasure of dealing with this problem. From tomorrow, an official, UKE-certified tool will be available to help resolve any disputes with the Internet provider. This tool is Pro Speed ​​Test, whose beta tests lasted from September . It is fully free and may constitute a reasonable basis for lodging complaints. Its measurements must be made according to the appropriate instructions (details below), but this is a great help in solving potential problems. Pro Speed ​​Test - how to measure the speed of our In