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xiaomi yunmi smart coffee table with built-in refrigerators

xiaomi yunmi smart coffee table

Have you ever had a cool beverage bottle watching a favorite football game or TV series, but your fridge looks so cool that you can not afford to? Well, today, thanks to Xiaomi and xiaomi yunmi smart coffee table, this does not happen.

xiaomi yunmi smart coffee table is a piece of furniture you can not easily live without. In addition to a beautiful and modern coffee table, this product is in fact a refrigerator, an audio system and even more!

xiaomi yunmi smart coffee table

Let's start with its main function, the glacier. The xiaomi yunmi smart coffee table has two independent compartments that can be set for different temperatures depending on the type of food or drink you decide to put inside it. Similarly, you can have one of two parts It completely switched off and used as a slider for foods that do not need a fridge or something else. The refrigerator can also be set to Eco mode, in this case the internal temperature changes in terms of the external temperature and always keeps the beverages (for example) a little cooler than the room temperature.

xiaomi yunmi smart coffee table

The refrigerator has a total capacity of 130 liters and is divided into 6 temperature zones between 1 and 12 degrees Celsius. When operating, a typical refrigerator compressor creates noise that can disrupt the watching of movies or other items. In order to prevent this, xiaomi yunmi smart coffee table is equipped with a noise reduction system to reduce noise to 36dB .

As mentioned before, there is an audio system in addition to the refrigerator. This section includes two pairs of loudspeakers for high and low noises with a maximum power of 86dB. Obviously, these desks and speakers can be connected to a TV via an audio port or via a smartphone and Bluetooth, and ultimately to a pendulum using a USB port. In the case of USB ports, there are a total of two ports for charging electronic devices with a current flow rate of 2.1A.

xiaomi yunmi smart coffee table

Finally, at the top of this table, there is a sturdy glass sheet that is resistant to abrasion and is easy to clean, so you do not have to worry about the lifetime of the product.

The xiaomi yunmi smart coffee table is currently priced at 2,993 yuan on the Xiaomi platform, which is around 310€. This product is definitely one of the most expensive home appliances, but it's worth it.

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