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xiaomi power bank 20000mah review

xiaomi power bank 20000mah

You can spend a lot of time on your smartphone or tablet using a high-capacity power bank. Without stress, have it run out of battery. In the meantime, there are many companies that Xiaomi is one of them. The company has been able to achieve a positive result from its customers by now. So nowadays there is no one who has not heard the name of this company. Xiaomi has launched its new product line from power bank series, which has high quality manufacturing.
xiaomi power bank 20000mah

Capacity and maintenance
xiaomi power bank 20000mah

As it is known, Xiaomi has 1 x 20,000 mAh battery for this product, which can charge charged devices at high speed. It has a dual output of 5.1 V and 3.6 A, which can charge two devices at the same time. There is also so much power in the power bank that you can even share it easily with your friends and not worry about getting out of charge.
With this included charger, you can recharge the Iphone 7 one to seven times a day and keep your device 100% charged for dozens of hours. The distinctive thing that makes this device special. This is where you can even support and charge USB-C laptops using this device.
For some reason, the actual output capacity of these devices is not equal to their nominal capacity. This energy reduction is due to differences in voltage connections. According to the study, the actual capacity of this device is 14000 mAh.
xiaomi power bank 20000mah

Design and construction
xiaomi power bank 20000mah

The Xiaomi shiny body and its brand image with a different color on the device gives it a charming and luxurious look. Xiaomi has a sturdy plastic body for this product, and the total weight of this power bank is 338 grams.
At the top of the device, you can see 2 types of C-Type support output ports. Also, the power button and the input port are located in the upper part below the LEDs of the remaining battery display.

Worth buying
xiaomi power bank 20000mah

Do not forget xiaomi power bank 20000mah at all times to get your gadgets ready for a long trip whenever you want. Put this product in a precious, but low-priced purchase. Be sure to keep you satisfied with everything.

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