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xiaomi yeelight yldp01yl

xiaomi yeelight yldp01yl

Xiaomi Yeelight YLDP01YL Smart LED Bulb
Better quality, pleasant lighting
Yeti Smart YLDP01YL smart LED bulb is always at your fingertips, whether you are at your party, while studying or even before bedtime, so you can enjoy your moments. The color temperature of a light bulb is 4,000 Kelvin, which is the best balance between warmth and brightness. The optical flux is 580 lumens and its color separation index is 83. Other features include the use of brightness and remote control. We also offer you special safety features for your health such as:
. Overheat protection
. Extremely low power consumption of 8 watts
. Shelf life 11 years
. Lightning protection
We have thought.

Good light for reading books and for friendly periods:
Usually, when we eat dinner, read a book or watch TV, we need different lighting. For example, when reading a book, light can have a profound effect on your thinking and thinking. If you want to sleep or relax with your friends, you need light, soft, and light for a comfortable space. With the Xiaomi lamp, you can choose the brightness level to give you the best moments and special conditions. It's interesting to know that the wake-up mode is embedded in the app for those who are sensitive to alarm clock sounds or sequential dials. . So that this time you wake up in your sleep with light so that within half an hour or whatever you want with dim light, and gradually, the intensity of the light emitted from the lamp increases so that you return to alertness and Do not suddenly sleep. You can also share a group of bulbs without the need for a multipurpose intelligent sensor. You can also reverse the timer for your bulb so that your lamp can be switched off whenever you want and prevent the use of energy in vain.

Reading in unfavorable light conditions for a long time causes eye fatigue and can lead to serious damage to your eyes. So, with high-quality LEDs, with a constant and fluctuating light, we've created a special optical design that results in high performance LEDs simultaneously, which brings lasting brightness. Therefore, your eyes will always be protected even when watching TV or reading a book (due to the fact that reading 4000K color temperature is required).

If you have WiFi, you can take full advantage of your bulb features, for example, after turning home, turn on or off the lamp with your phone via the mihome app or your own dedicated light bulb, Yeelight, to give you a pleasant natural light. You will be able to calm down after a hard working day, and even if you do not want to get up from your soft and warm bed, use your smartphone to turn off the lamp. Also, the Xiaomi Yeelight Smart LED White LED bulb is compatible with Android 4.4 and above and iOS 8.0 and above.
(If the program does not detect the lamp, light up / down the lamp five times and try again.)
xiaomi yeelight yldp01yl

Create a romantic atmosphere with the simultaneous control of multiple bulbs.
If you need to light a lamp, or if you want to turn on multiple lamps simultaneously, you can adjust the brightness of all the lamps simultaneously and make all this possible! Just go to the mi home app and add all your smart bulbs, then you have to choose a group of lamps and, as a result, you can adjust the brightness of a bunch of lights, and this will create a romantic atmosphere Make different occasions or create beautiful lighting for your office or store.

Easy-to-use, wireless and smart control of the lamp, low power consumption of 8 watts, professional design, many functions and abundant adjustments, good performance, reasonable prices, long life, consumer health, unobtrusive installation and adjustable brightness. is considered.
Intelligent white LED lamp, Xiaomi Yeelight, is the perfect choice for your smart and comfortable living.
. Weight: 140 g
. Dimensions: 5 5 * 12
. Socket Type: E27

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  1. hi,
    I bought this model
    I tried to connect to the wireless with the mi home and yeelghit software and it comes in the DHCP list in router .
    but in the last step say error network connection , You can help with this