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Xiaomi smart trash bin

Xiaomi smart trash bin

Observing environmental health is one of the most important issues that we should all be concerned about. Hygiene includes the place of work, home and surroundings. The Xiaomi company has been manufacturing smart trash that automatically closes its door and supports full health. This prevents the accumulation of flies and mosquitoes.

Xiaomi smart trash bin

The cover is made with confidence from the lock. The smart bin easily gathers the garbage bag. The Xiaomi Smart Trash Bin is 15.5 liters. As the person approaches the bucket, the door automatically opens and closes when they are away.

In terms of battery, this bucket has a high capacity that lasts about 35 days.

There is a LED strip on the bucket that works with a 12 volt battery. This LED bar opens the night vision for users to use the bucket.

Xiaomi smart trash bin

The Xiaomi Smart Trash Bin has an internal system that pulls the garbage bag together by pressing the button on it. The system supports hygiene and no longer has the old dirt and is completely sterilized without the intervention of hand garbage.

The remarkable feature of this Xiaomi Smart Trash Bin is its being equipped with an anti-trash bag, which is why you are not worried about pouring or breaking the garbage out of the bag.

The dimensions of this bucket are such that it easily fits anywhere and does not occupy much space.

The Xiaomi smart trash bin is priced at 199 yuan.

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