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xiaomi new power strips

xiaomi power strip

Xiaomi unveiled two power strips of 6 sockets and 8 sockets under the mijia brand.
The kitchen is an important place in the home where there are many electrical appliances such as rice cookers, microwave ovens, juicers, ovens and more. However, kitchen and kitchen sockets will not respond to this situation. So, Xiaomi has launched a variety of different ways considering different user needs.

The power strips of 6 and 8 mijia sockets, with enough socket slots for kitchen electrical appliances, have a powerful security system and automatically override the power grid while overloading, and effectively prevent fire and short circuit.
These two Xiaomi power strips are not only used in the kitchen, but also in the hall and living room, which includes TV, router, audio system, mobile phone, Power Bank and other digital appliances. All these electrical devices will definitely require more sockets. If you connect each one to the wall outlet, the room looks very ugly, so in such a situation, a power circuit is a necessity.

xiaomi power strip

The white and simple appearance of this gadget is fully compatible with the living room environment.
The cavities of these mijia paths are designed to allow children to suddenly not suddenly swallow children's objects. The anti-slip pad underneath it is also suitable for placement on the table.
power strip 6 Mijia socket with price of 49, and 8 mijia socket with price of 59 yuan.

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