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xiaomi mijia smartwatch

xiaomi mijia smartwatch

Xiaomi Co. has been manufacturing high quality and intelligent products every year. The world's top smartwatch is priced at high prices, but fortunately the mijia company has launched its smartphone at just 349 yuan. It looks like a typical clock, but it's powered by a smartwatch.

For those whose sport is an integral part of them. They need to have a device that can calculate and display the amount of calories consumed and daily activity data. That's why Xiaomi has developed the mijia smartwatch to address all of these needs.
xiaomi mijia smartwatch

The mijia smartwatch is made in three colors, black, white and gray with leather straps, made of quality Italian made leather so that it can easily breathe. The watch is designed to be used with any size of the wrist. The Mijia Quartz Watch has a sporty look and design on the wrists and beautiful look. The watch is easily interchangeable.
xiaomi mijia smartwatch

This time is used for both women and men. The mijia smartwatch connects to Mijia via bluetooth and displays all of your information inside your phone. This watch is easily connected to all Android devices and ios.
xiaomi mijia smartwatch

Among the features that make up the mijia smartwatch include the watch setting, step counting, program reminders, and other features that have smart bracelets.

The mijia smartwatch is made of stainless steel, corrosion resistant. Another important feature of this watch is its waterproofness. The frame of this watch is also stainless steel.

The mijia smartwatch supports the battery CR2430, which lasts an average of 6 months. The battery status of the watch can also be seen in the Mijia software.

This watch supports the World Time feature by setting the time zone and selecting it. The mijia smartwatch is equipped with a motion sensor. This sensor easily records all your daily, weekly and monthly sports activities. It also shows your calorie intake.

Another remarkable feature of the mijia smartwatch is its call alert. Because it can record up to 10 contacts, if you turn off your phone, you can still call this watch.

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