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xiaomi mijia smart home camera with AI assistant review

xiaomi mijia smart home camera

The latest Xiaomi smart home camera has an AI assistant

Xiaomi introduced a new smart home camera yesterday. This new camera is launched under the Mijia brand and has an internal AI assistant.

The xiaomi mijia smart home camera with AI assistant has a similar design to Xiaomi / Xiaoyi smart cameras. It can capture 1080p H.265 encoding videos and support 360-degree viewing and zooming. Inside the Ambarella S3LM IP camera chipset, as well as a Texas Instrument Driver Engine and dual digital noise reduction microphones.

xiaomi mijia smart home camera

The xiaomi mijia smart home camera with an AI assistant features a 1 / 2.7-inch CMOS sensor with a large 3-megapixel camera size. The camera also has 9 9nm IR lamps for brightness when the camera is in night vision mode. Since the hdk lamps are 940 nm, like the IR-850nm bulbs, they do not produce any red light. In this way, intruders can not see the presence of the camera at home.

xiaomi mijia smart home camera

With the help of Xiaomi's AI assistant on the board, this camera can do more than record what it sees. You can give voice commands to capture a photo or record a video message. The product can also control other smart home products, such as a robot vacuum cleaner, smart outlets, lights, air purifiers and TVs. Xiaomi also says the camera can play music and audio books through a set of services to keep you and your family entertained.

There are other features that cost the camera at ¥399 (~ $58). This camera is sold on the Youpin site.

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