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xiaomi mi band 3 review vs mi band 2

xiaomi mi band 3

Xiaomi, with mi band 3, has only one goal; continuing to dominate the smart economic bracelet market.

Although wearable gadgets have never gained popularity with smartphones, this does not mean their small market. The popularity of these gadgets is known only by citing the Apple Watch sales figures, which are more than the total sales of the Swiss watch industry.

The desire of users to use smart wearable gadgets has led to the presence of many brands in this field. With a brief look at the list of watch brands and smart bracelets of any online store, you will definitely be surprised by their variety.

However, wearable gadgets have a different story than smartphones. After the introduction of the first samples of this product range, the renowned companies all immediately developed and launched their own sample on the agenda. But after only a few years, we have seen significant changes in the active and profitable companies; Motorola, LG and Sony are some of the prominent brands that failed in the smart watch market. Samsung and Huawei's sales figures are not even noticeable in this regard, and Apple Watch is currently one of the most successful names in the smartwatch field.
xiaomi mi band 3

Instead of developing a smartwatch with multiple capabilities, some companies have sought to market smart and healthier handcuffs, where they have their own users at a lower cost, limited functionality and, of course, longer battery life.

If you've been looking at smartwatch manufacturers for now, you're definitely confronted with the name. The Xiaomi Smart Bracelet from the very first version in 2014 was welcomed by buyers due to its competitive price and good build quality. But the release of the second version of the product in 2016 made the Xiaomi name known as the most popular smartwatch less than $100. Now, after two years, the third-generation Xiaomi has introduced its smart bracelet with many improvements, including larger displays and more precise sensors, to continue to dominate this market segment. Selling more than one million Xiaomi straps 3 in less than two weeks announces the good reception of the latest Xiaomi wearable product.

Xiaomi has used the same formula as the mi band 2 in his third-generation smart bracelet design. Simple design with plastic bodies, easy to swap fit and a low-touch section of the display are all elements that were previously used in Xiaomi X-ray bracelets.

Beautiful design with large display
Although the mi band 3 does not enjoy luxury design, like some of its more expensive competitors, it has seen great changes in the field, which is capable of persuading users to upgrade to the new Xiaomi era. The device, with a weight of 20 grams, is like a previous generation, it is a very light product that does not harass people in various sports activities. Although the 3rd in size has not experienced a significant increase, it is now equipped with a 0.78 "black and white display and a resolution of 128 by 80 pixels, almost twice as large as the display (with a display 0.42 inches and a resolution of 72 by 40 pixels) to display information.
xiaomi mi band 3 and mi band 2

The bigger display does not just improve the new Xiaomi bracelet than its predecessor, the mi band 3 now comes with a touch panel all around the screen to allow users to use the touch-down key to scroll through the clock menu with portrait and landscape swipes. Have. The downside of the device is now also a turn-key (if it's a touch of a touch) or a certain function activation (by holding it on the finger), much more practical than the mi band 2 touch section, which only serves to display some information from Preset such as clock, bracelet charging, heart rate measurements, or number of steps.

The smart mi band 2 bracelet, along with the curved design at its edges, uses a flat surface in the display section, which was also a component of its visual appeal reduction. But the Xiaomi in the mi band 3 has enjoyed a striking level with angular angles to make it look more beautiful. But this design language, along with the lack of equipments for anti-clockwise coatings, has made it possible for injury 3 to be susceptible to injury, and after some time it has been used to cause abnormal scratches and physical damage due to involuntary encroachment on surrounding environments.
xiaomi mi band 3

The popular Xiaomi bracelet is pre-installed with a silicone wrist and a black, blue or red color. However, it's easy to replace the band in the mi band 3 as well as the previous smart bracelet. The swap operation is simply done by the user himself so that the item can be selected with any tile available to users. Earlier and thanks to the manufacturer of accessories, there was a wide variety of different types of styles in our country's market, so one of the best options is the smart personalization of the Xiaomi smartwatch. Considering the high popularity and reasonable price of the mi band 3, it is expected that the wide range of compatible smartwatches will soon be available. It should be kept in mind that due to changes in the body dimensions of the device, there is no possibility of using the available band for mi band 2 in mi band 3.

Xiaomi to enhance application 3: By improving its ability to penetrate fluids and obtain the standard IP68 (against the IP67 mi band 2 standard), its new smart bracelet has become a good option for measuring various components during a swimming sport. According to Xiaomi executives, this bracelet will be resistant to water penetration to a depth of 50 meters.

mi band 3 is used by default (currently) in Chinese. To change the language of this smart bracelet in English, you need to download the latest version of the mi Fit app from Google Play or App Store, and then install the latest firmware version to automatically change the language to English. .

The new Xiaomi smart bracelet is equipped with Bluetooth 4.2 and is compatible with smartphones with Android version 4.4 or newer and iOS 9 or newer iPhones. To use this smart bracelet, simply download the mi Fit application from the store on your phone platform and then simply pairing your device with mi band 3.

The app provides users with extensive capabilities that allow them to monitor and measure their physical activity. This app has three main sections; in the main tab, the report shows physical activity, number of steps taken, heart rate history and sleep quality results.
mi fit

Good and functional app but incomplete in some areas
The next tab, called Activity, is dedicated to sports activities. Where the user can accurately measure the distance traveled, accurately check the heart rate during exercise, the amount of calories burned, and other important components by turning on the smartphone's GPS and selecting one of the walking, running, running and treadmills, cycling, bring. According to Xiaomi, the company will continue to add future sports modes such as swimming, to the app. Of course, one of the weaknesses of the mi band 3 is the inability to activate the start of the sports activity through the bracelet, and the user must do this by visiting his smartphone and through the app.
mi fit

The final section, named Profile, also returns to the user-defined settings. Enter personalized profiles, specify the necessary apps on the handset to notify their announcements via mi band 3, set goals for specific distances on a daily basis, add your friends to compare their daily physical activity, add accounts to other health monitoring services of users Like Google Fit, enable the ability to open a smartphone without the need for password when the mi band 3 is close, personalize how settings and sections are displayed on the bracelet and define specific activities (such as driving, climbing stairs or doing various exercises like swimming, Aerobic
xiaomi mi band 3

The mi fit app is more focused on providing statistics about your performance and not providing results or suggestions, and users should improve their health promotion activities with knowledge of available data. In many cases, the App has a good performance, but it can not be compared to some of the best options on the market. It is hoped that Xiaomi will continuously improve and add more features to the app, especially in the sports section.

One of the biggest challenges for watch manufacturers and smartwatches is to define and optimize a precise algorithm to calculate the number of steps and distance traveled by users. Mi band 3 has a good accuracy in detecting the type of user activity (walking, running or standing), despite the lack of equipment for GPS. However, if you need very detailed information in this area, it is suggested that you follow a GPS-equipped device to minimize the error of calculating user activity.

Xiaomi has made every effort to provide a device with high-performance capabilities for measuring the physical activity of users at an affordable price. mi band 3, although it does not have the ability to intelligently detect many activities, but users will have much more accurate results from their calories consumed throughout the day by assigning a little time and defining different activities for the bracelet.
xiaomi mi band 3

The mi band 3, like its older brother, has the ability to monitor users' sleep. Accelerated accelerometers have greatly contributed to increasing the accuracy of this part of the bracelet, and if you enable heart rate measurements, users will have access to accurate information about their sleep quality and depth or lightness. Of course, this bracelet could not be expected to deliver precise results like professional products that measure sleep quality, such as nokia sleep; however, the third-generation information provided will help to improve sleep.

Functional features for ordinary users and of course athletes
Thanks to the larger display, the mi band 3 provides users with far more features through their bracelet. The weather status, the ability to view the content of received messages, make incoming voice calls, stack up and activate the smartphone's voice to find it, are some of the new features of the Xiaomi smart bracelet which will be available with Swipe and access to the apps section. Was. The touch key of the lower part is also pressed once as a turn key, and if you hold your finger on it, it will enable certain features such as Stapovac or Find My Phone.
xiaomi mi band 3

One of the weaknesses of the mi band 3 is the lack of support for letters other than English and Chinese at the time of the writing of this review; if a text message is received, all characters will be displayed as a question mark. Xiaomi has not yet announced plans to increase support for other languages.

The biggest problem with the mi band 2 was the low light intensity of the display, which led to a lot of problems for users in terms of readability of the content under sunshine and clear environments. To solve this problem, Xiaomi has greatly increased the display brightness, which at first glance is about two billion times the size of the mi band 3 compared to its second generation. However, Xiaomi's action only improves the readability of the display; however, if you use the mi band 3 under direct sunlight, you will be faced with a lot of challenge to view the display content.

Battery life
One of the reasons for the popularity of smartwatches is the lower price, with far more battery life than smartwatches. The mi band 2, with its 70 mAh battery, brings 20-day battery life to users. Xiaomi has used a 110 mAh battery to deliver a similar battery life in the mi band 3, despite the larger resolution at a higher resolution.
xiaomi mi band 3

Great battery life
If you use your smart bracelet to only receive call notifications and voice messages, the mi band 3 will last for up to 20 days with each charge. Of course, this is because of the lack of continuous heart rate capability and the continued use of smart bracelets to monitor exercise activity. But if you activate all the capabilities and sensors of your smart bracelet and daily measurements of your physical activity, the third generation of smartwatches will have the ability to charge at least 12 days, which is a pretty good statistic. None of the smart wristbands of other major brands have the ability to afford such a limit.
xiaomi mi band 3

Charging the mi band 3 is another of its weaknesses. To recharge this health bracelet, you must remove the main part from the inside each time and then attach it to the charger. Xiaomi could easily charge the operation by putting the charging pins in the bottom of the bracelet (like the high tech arc). Unfortunately, the standard for designing and manufacturing similar chargers in bracelets and smart watches has not yet been formed. So keep your bracelet charger well, because if you lose it, and because of the impossibility of charging the mi band 3 with other chargers in the market, you will have no choice but to make a new charger.

Users do not need a lot of time to charge bracelets. According to the small bandwidth mi band 3, according to the Zoom test, the bracelet is charged more than 80% per hour.

The mi band 3 brings all of the components that the previous generation has made it a very popular product. Touchscreen and larger, with a higher resolution, superior battery life, more affordable prices, more features and the ability to use different design and color schemes, are just part of the components that make Xiaomi smart smartwatch into a very high-priced product.
xiaomi mi band 3

The $25 mi band 3 will turn it into a product that can hardly be resisted by buyers, even if there are a lot of negative ones. It's enough to get a great list of the features of this smart bracelet to understand the value of buying it.

Of course, the mi band 3 is not perfect; small display light and its poor readability under sunlight; inappropriate charging pins; limited sports activities; and the possibility of physical damage and falling lines and scratches to the machine, due to its design language, some There are things that Xiaomi could have made their smart bracelet worse than ever before.

However, Xiaomi's mi band 3 covers a lot of needs of regular users and athletes, and software updates will also enhance the capabilities of this smart bracelet over time. The low price, along with the highlights highlighted above, has made the Xiaomi Mi Band 3, like its predecessor at the time of release, turn into one of the best smartwatches of the market capable of measuring physical activity and sports.

positive points

Fast and fluid operation
A prettier design than the previous generation
Great battery life
Affordable price
Good health monitoring and user experience
Ability to swap and use patterns with different designs and colors


Nine so many display lights
Default default sports activities
Prone to blow and punch

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