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Xiaomi Equipped With New Sound Mijia Overhead Lights

Mijia Light

As we know, Xiaomi has a lot of home lighting products. To this list of Xiaomi lighting products, a new Mijia lamp will be added, which has 72 LEDs that vary from 2700K to 5700K. And it has the ability to change its temperature by changing from warm to cold. But the main feature of this product is that we can control audio, turn on, turn off and also other commands. How is this option possible? Yes, once again, thanks to the use of artificial intelligence technology!
Mijia Light

This new lamp is designed for rooms up to 25 square meters and is easy to install. The range of this product is different from 0.3 lm to 2200 lm. Color index up to RA95. However, and as previously mentioned, the main feature of this lamp is its intelligibility, which allows us to control this bulb with just one voice command. It also has a remote control.

As expected, it can connect to smartphones using WiFi or Bluetooth. It is possible to connect with other Xiaomi products through the Xiaomi internal ecosystem, as well as for door and window sensor synchronization. For example: When entering the room, the lamp will light up automatically.
Mijia Light

But another feature that makes this ceiling lamp unique is the multi-layer IP50 protection. The flush on the lamp can prevent the mosquitoes from penetrating.

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