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mi air purifier 2 filter cleaning

mi air purifier 2 filter cleaning

After a while, the air purifier filter loses its effectiveness, it can be recharged and replaced with refined air quality.

Xiaomi Smart Intelligent Filtering Filter
There is a lot of pollution due to the factories and the use of people from their homes in metropolises. For this reason, the use of an air purifier reduces the pollution of the home environment from these contaminants. After continuous use of the air purifier, it is not necessary to replace the air filters, which after the change can better clean the air pollution. To this end, we will look at the Xiaomi Smart Filter Air Filter.
mi air purifier 2 filter cleaning

Xiaomi Air Purifier 2 Fliter Filter, one kilogram of Xiaomi cylindrical shaft, consists of three filters for contaminated air purification. There is an EPA filter for filtering large particles, filters for dust filtering up to micron size and a carbon filter for formaldehyde and volatile gases.
mi air purifier 2 filter cleaning

To get the precise timing of the Xiaomi Xiaomi Smart Filter filtering, just wait for the alert with the Mi Home application installed for the air purifier.

To replace the air purification filter, just open the lid and replace the previous filter with the new filter and close the lid of the device.
mi air purifier 2 filter cleaning

Key Features:

Weight: 1 kg
Dimensions: 293 * 200 mm
Has 3 filters
Get the exact time to switch the filter through the Mi Home app

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