xiaomi towel review

Xiaomi ZSH Antibacterial Towel

Xiaomi Antibacterial Towel made from cotton fiber, soft and soft skin that does not damage the skin, and with the help of Swedish raw material technology to prevent the growth of fungi and bacteria, this makes it a long-lasting bottle of toast Stay and smell bad.

Antibacterial Towel ZSH Xiaomi

Antibacterial Towel ZSH Xiaomi is made of high-strength cotton fiber that is soft and delicate and skin-friendly. The Swedish antibacterial technology and materials used in the towel fabric, without damaging the skin, effectively inhibit the growth of fungi and bacteria or create a bad smell.

The ZSH towel absorption capacity is extraordinary, and can quickly dry your hair. The percentage of absorption of this towel is 6 times higher than similar products.

The technology used in cotton fibers brings the softness of the towel to the optimal level without the need to add softening materials. This product is fully environmentally friendly and has no chemical composition in its construction.

The texture of the towel is two-sided and its bright color has a youthful sense of energy. Packing Towel Akband ensures its cleanliness before use. Start your beautiful day with Xiaomi products every morning!

ZSH Xiaomi anti-bacterial towel is 130 g and its dimensions are 76 x 34 cm. The product comes in five bright blue, green, orange, purple and white colors.


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