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xiaomi yi action camera 2k

Have you ever shot your activity during exercise? Have you tried standard cameras for this? Surely you did not get your desired result. But why ordinary cameras can not do this?
It can be said that this requires the use of its own cameras. So if you want to shoot your sports activities. You need to have a special camera that has the capabilities.
Xiaomi Co. has also succeeded in this basin, and the series of cameras has launched Cameras Campaign for its customers. YI Action Camera can save the best pictures and videos while moving. The camera has superb image quality and features a special feature that delivers your photos and videos.

Design and construction

It can be said that the camera has an interesting look and feel. Xiaomi has provided the camera with its phosphorescent, green and black colors. The design and construction of this camera is such that when you get it, it will give you an expensive feel.
In the external appearance of this camera, you will not see the configuration interface. The camera is also available without a display, which can be due to its low price.

Image quality

The YI Action Camera can capture and store high-quality Mp4 video with its customers. It can shoot at 30 or 60 frames per second (user selectable) and with NTSC mode. Also, in PAL mode, it can produce high quality movies at 25 or 50 frames per second. Also, with the 4K movie capture capability, this camera can record at 30 frames per second. It is also capable of recording in slower mode.
In general, the 16-megapixel quality of this camera can save images with natural light and natural colors.


The camera comes with Wi-Fi connectivity, you can connect with it through the program, capture live video, download images, and access the settings section of this camera.

Worth buying

There are weaknesses on the camera, which lowers the point of purchase. But in general it can not be forgotten that the quality of the videotaping and the images of this camera is not at all part of the world's leading brands. So it's possible to cite some of the weaknesses of this product, its very low price.

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