xiaomi urban lifestyle backpack review

xiaomi urban backpack

Do you get used to carrying bags or backpacks when you go out? If this is the case, we will propose an appropriate alternative to you. Xiaomi has brought back another backpack for his fans, this time in the style of urban life.
Maybe you want to give someone a gift! Where would you like to go with this backpack? Office, school or travel? In any case, the Urban Xiaomi backpack will be unique to you wherever you are.
It has a very nice design and has a lot of pockets inside it that is suitable for people who carry a lot of stuff. You can include a laptop, an iPad, a cell phone, a power bank, a headset, and many other gadgets in it. Xiaomi Urban Backpack is definitely a dream bag for people who love gadget!

General specifications
Dimensions 39cm 30cm 14cm


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