xiaomi travel backpack

Xiaomi Traveling Bag

The Xiaomi Xiaomi travel bag is a quality product of Xiaomi for a tough problem. Its small size makes it easy to carry, and its zipper alloy is anti-rust and you can count on it for a long time.

Xiaomi Small Traveler Bag
Xiaomi's small travel bag is another charming Xiaomi product, a perfect companion to travel. This bag is made of nylon fabric with a checkered pattern, while lightweight. The zipper is made of zinc alloy and is stainless and of high quality.
Xiaomi Traveling Bag

The Xiaomi's small travel bag made of polyamide and PU coating is waterproof, anti-static, durable and durable, and can be easily used on rainy days.

The capacity of the bag is 2 liters. You can organize and organize your items in this fairly large space. When traveling, make cosmetics, toothbrushes, razors and other personal belongings in your bag and enjoy its light weight and order.

The ribbon handle, such as the bag, allows the carrier to carry and hang it.
Xiaomi Traveling Bag

The dimensions of the Xiaomi Xiaomi small travel bag are 15.5 x22 x9 cm. This bag is supplied in 3 red, light gray and dark colors.


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