xiaomi automatic umbrella review

Xiaomi Mijia ZDS01XM Automatic Umbrella

The Xiaomi umbrella is not an ordinary umbrella. It's hard for us to pull up the umbrella after it's opened. This umbrella is fully automatic and is easily closed with one hand, the next feature is to be used in rain and sunshine because of the nylon sex This particular umbrella protects you against ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Xiaomi umbrella
Xiaomi Mijia ZDS01XM Automatic Umbrella

Xiaomi Umbrellas is one of the products that Xiaomi has released under the MIJIA platform. This umbrella is a folding automatic umbrella with a protective cover that can prevent the influence of rain.

Taiwan's FONEWR Waterproof Woven Fabric is lightweight but also has a high density, and therefore sturdy and durable. Even after heavy rain, the water slowly slips on the surface of the umbrella and does not penetrate.

The main feature of the Xiaomi Umbrella is the automatic folding design that it can easily open and close automatically; this, in turn, makes the umbrella open and close easily with one hand.

The umbrella is made of nylon material that prevents rain penetration, and a second coating on top of this layer that protects the entrance of ultraviolet rays. As a result, the Xiaomi umbrella can be used in the rainy season as well as on sunny days.
Xiaomi Mijia ZDS01XM Automatic Umbrella

The UVtex FABRICS coating with high strength has a great shadow effect, which is a good protector and thermal insulation, and can effectively block harmful UV-rays, and help protect against UV.

The xiaomi umbrella is made of high quality and lightweight aluminum and fiberglass materials, and resistant to breaking and rust. Selection of high quality steel creates resistance to friction and corrosion and ensures longevity of the umbrella. The Xiaomi umbrella can be used for a long time. This umbrella is under 1000 times the test of open and close testing.

The security of the Umbrella lock prevents unwanted opening. The choice of steel SPCC41 guarantees the strength and strength of the rod. The design of the umbrella structure is also resistant to wind.

Take a walk in the breeze with rain and light rain and sun.

The diameter of the umbrella is 66 cm and its height is 107 cm. The weight of this product is about 295 grams. This umbrella is only available in black.

Weight 500 g
Dimensions 59 x 59 x 336 mm



Polyester, aluminum pillar


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  4. My umbrella broke on first use, a rivet dropped out. It was a birthday gift but I took it back to the Taipa Macau shop and asked for repair or exchange. The shop assistant phoned his supervisor twice. Service or replacement was refused, saying I would have to have brought it back within a,week of purchase. I left the umbrella on the counter telling them what a poor product they sell. How disappointing. I bought a more robust umbrella from another store.

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