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xiaomi air quality monitor review

Xiaomi Mi PM2.5 Detector

Despite the severe air pollution in the big cities of Iran, it is necessary to have this small and small volume, even when walking and aerobic exercise, having this device in your pocket is aware of the state of the air you are in sports. he does.

If the air is completely clean, we should be able to see the candle light from a distance of more than 20 kilometers. This is difficult to imagine, because unfortunately, our vision of dust and gases causes a lot of health damage. The most dangerous floating pathogens are around PM2.5 suspended particles that are suspended in the air for long periods of time. These particles are the cause of allergies as well as more acute illnesses.

If you have an Xiaomi smart air purifier, a MiJia Air Purifier Pro, the Xiaomi air pollution detection device works well with these cleaners, and enables them to read air quality markers. Set the contaminant limit, if the detector displays the value above this limit, the air purifier 2 will automatically start to work. Now the air purification inside your home will be easier and smarter!

The Xiaomi air pollution detection system begins its work from the beginning of the day, enjoy fresh air and start with energy. This device throughout the day tells you that fresh air is flowing at home. Let the rest of the device be restarted by setting the device's timer to automatically turn off the device.

Need to be silent and dark for sleep? Mi PM2.5 monitors your screen brightness during the night hours to prevent your sleep.

The Xiaomi air pollution detection system appears as a small box with dimensions of 62 × 62 × 37 mm and one hundred grams in weight. The device can be easily carried in a pocket. With a 750 mAh battery, the detector also allows outdoor air quality monitoring. Check out the air quality when walking in the morning or when you're out to exercise.

The PM2.5 index analyzes the amount of particulate matter with the help of a sensor in a particular region and displays it numerically on the screen.

The color code of the air as a short line at the top of the screen has three different colors: green, orange and red, which represents three levels of pollution - good, good and weak.

The device's battery charge is probably always associated with you, so do not forget to check the battery level. Using a USB 2.0 port, you can charge the device with a Xiaomi Power Bank.

Wi-Fi connection The Wi-Fi 802.11b / g / n 2.4GHz Wi-Fi Indicator runs with wide coverage. Connecting it to your smartphone or Xiaomi air purifier will be great on every corner of your apartment.

The Xiaomi air pollution detection system has a very simple control system, despite having a very precise mechanism. With just one physical button on top of the device, you can do all this: turn the device on / off, change modes to display the time and weather status display. Bring the information with the finger to the bottom of the screen.

This small piece of intelligent equipment automatically collects data, alerts you in the event of poor air quality and adjusts to your lifestyle. When outdoors, check the air quality of your apartment remotely and clean the air before you reach home.

The Xiaomi air pollution detection system emits daily amounts of air quality that can be used to see how air quality changes over a given time period.

With proper notification, this device not only protects your family from harmful PM2.5 particles, but also protects them from formaldehyde, allergens, smoke, chemicals and dust.

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