xiaomi mi drone review

xiaomi mi drone

Xiaomi's UAV disassembly
Xiaomi has recently unveiled a UAV, and, like other products, it's a surprise to consider the features and the price. The four detachable propellers are designed for flying and aerial photography. The 17.4 volt battery at 5100 mAh can continuously fly for 27 minutes. A portable camcorder that can take shots without flickering photos or videos, and even for its audience, a live wallpaper that flies. The parts of the camera are detached from the UAV and placed in a box. With Xiaomi's UAV drill in place, you'll be in the news magazine.

Film quality and aerial photography of the Xiaomi Bird's Camera
The camera embedded on this small bird is 1080p or 4K. The lens is wide-open and covers 104 degrees. The photos that the camera receives has a size of 2160 × 3840 pixels.

People who are familiar with photography can enjoy the RAW photography features. The video captured by this 720p camera is also capable of sending up to 2km of live video to your controller.

Bird Camera Control
To control the dungeon, a bunch is considered to be a game category. You can use the GPS installed on this camera not only from the point where you want to take aerial photography, but also you can use it using the auto-fly option to exactly the point you want it to be. The automatic flight mode has the ability to fly at the desired point, aerial photography, and land at the designated point.

A circle on the map shows the location of the airframe. The exact location of this camera can be found on the map. If the battery of this device is about to expire, it automatically returns to the location it flies. Keep in mind that the camera's battery can keep it continuous for about 27 minutes.

The camera of this device is connected to a three-axis ring, which neutralizes up to 2000 vibrations per second. As a result, the received photos are completely transparent and of high quality.


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