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Xiaomi Mi Bunny MITU DIY Toy Block Tank

In a world where everything goes hand-in-hand, gadgets are also smart, the Xiaomi toy is a product of the same direction.

The Xiaomi Smart Toy Tank with nearly 1000 pieces, made of high quality precision blocks made of quality materials, can be the best gift for children.
Xiaomi Mi Bunny MITU DIY Toy Block Tank

The tanks have a superb cross-barrier chassis. The components of this toy are made of lightweight and high-strength materials, and the unique reinforcement of its gears increases the strength and agility of the tire in motion.

The 32-bit ARM Cortex Mx processor used in the Xiaomi Smart Toy Tank has very fast processing power. The main control module has three lithium-ion 1650mAh batteries, which can be used for a long time.
Xiaomi Mi Bunny MITU DIY Toy Block Tank

Optimized remote control mode, more powerful programming and a new voice-controlled mode make it easy to use this toy. With the presence of various ways to control the robot, the Xiaomi Smart Toy Tank has become a fascinating and entertaining way. The tank dimensions are 229x198x234 mm in built-in mode.
Xiaomi Mi Bunny MITU DIY Toy Block Tank

In addition, you can build your robot in any way you imagine with your creativity. A robot can have a maximum of 12 color sensors. With the presence of the 6-axis gyroscope sensor, the robot can automatically maintain its balance. Support for Bluetooth 4 and Wireless 2.4 G is another feature of this toy that allows you to control via mobile. With the help of the color sensors, you can find interesting commands for the robot!
Xiaomi Mi Bunny MITU DIY Toy Block Tank

Weight 2500 g

White, red

Technical Specifications
Device language
English (originally Chinese, which can be changed in English)
Xiaomi Mi Bunny MITU DIY Toy Block Tank

Guarantee of authenticity and physical health

Packing dimensions

The battery
Xiaomi Mi Bunny MITU DIY Toy Block Tank


Flash memory

up to 72 MHz

12V / 5V


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