xiaomi mi 90 points clothes waterproof storage bag

xiaomi mi 90 points clothes waterproof storage bag

The Xiaomi waterproof cover when folded is as small as a small box and when it is opened, it has the size of a suitcase for your clothes and clothes.


Sorting clothes is always one of the hard-working things, whether at home or on travel. This time, Xiaomi has begun producing a product that allows you to easily customize all your outfits and keep them clean, in addition to less space. This product is nothing other than the 90 Pointe Xiaomi waterproof cover cover which we will cover in this product.

The Xiaomi Xiaomi cover, with its large opening and spacious design, has the ability to regulate many costumes. Also, with a very tidy lace at the top of this product, you can see your clothes, so you do not need to open zippers repeatedly to find them.

In addition, if you do not use it, you can zoom in to store space and easy to carry, and see that this small size cover is about a bit larger than a cup.
xiaomi mi 90 points clothes waterproof storage bag

The use of nylon and resin materials in the design of this cover is very clever, which makes the cover in addition to weight is very small and lightweight, easily folded and has a high strength and strength. Also, the use of PU materials to make it and double-sided zippers will result in a complete waterproof and breathable cover so your clothes and other items do not get wet. This cover is anti-stuck and easily cleaned.

In addition, you can also provide a Xiaomi 90POINT Travel Bag with this product to cover the Xiaomi costume, to arrange clothes and occupy fewer spaces, and, with the increase in empty luggage, make more clothing for your journey. Take along. The Xiaomi waterproof clothing covers are also available in 2 sizes 25 x 5 x 34 x 10 cm (small) and 48 x 34 x 11 cm (large).
• Small size with large capacity
• Waterproof nylon fabric
• Folding design
• easy usage


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