How To Detect Original Power Of The Fake ?

How To Detect Original Power Of The Fake

The original Xiaomi Power Bank has earned a lot of attention due to its manufacturing quality, its features and its cheaper prices. Unfortunately, more popularity has more fake counterfeits, and the current scenario is that the power of the Xiaomi counterfeit banks in the market is more than legally authorized.

The following are different tests that help you diagnose a misleading copy of the power of Xiaomi banks.

The difference between the original version and the counterfeit

Depending on the fabrication of counterfeit factories, some items that are similar to the original version may be present, but most of these tests will certainly fail.

Types of original versions

Xiaomi Power Banks sells only six of the following:

5000 mA Power Bank (Unveiled in 2015)
Power Bank 5200 mAh (production stopped)
Power Bank 10000 mAh (Unpacked in 2015)
Power Bank is 10400 mAh (production stopped)
16000 mA Power Bank (Unveiled in 2015)
20000 mA Power Bank (Unpacked in November 2015)
It's likely that the power of 5200 and 10400 mAh has been stopped, and you can rarely find them at the stores.

1. 20-digit code on the package

This is the first and easiest step to detect the power source of the original Xiaomi. The only rare cases of counterfeit copies go through this test.

Principle: The main Chinese power banks sold in China are packaged with a label, which is a 20-digit code by scratching it. By entering this code on the Xiaomi website, the original product will be verified. However, the power banks sold by official channels outside of China do not have this label. You should look for this label, unless you want to purchase an authentic official store.

Power Bank Original

The counterfeit counterfeit counterfeit bankers usually do not have such packaging on the packaging. Even if the item had this tag, the number of queries on the Xiaomi website is a big figure because counterfeiters want to save costs on printing labels on multiple labels.

Acknowledgment code from Xiaomi website

2- The length and brand on the USB cable

Original version: The micro USB cable, along with the original version of Power Shan Xiaomi, does not have any Xiaomi brand. If you've seen a trademark of Xiaomi printed on it, know that it's fake.

For power banks of 20,000 mAh, the length of the USB cable is about 13 inches, with a lightning-fast icon on the microUSB end.

The counterfeit version: The Xiaomi counterfeit power bank usually sells with a USB cable, the Xiaomi mark on it. Many of us see this mark as a sign of the original product.

3. Pass-Through charging

Printable version: Xiaomi's PowerBank has a Pass-Through rechargeable feature. This means that when charging, the power bank can charge a mobile phone at the same time.

Fake version: Counterfeit Power Bank does not have this capability, it only charges itself and does not transmit any traffic to a connected mobile phone. In fact, when charging a cell phone you can remove the charger from the power bank.

4. Color of USB ports on Power Bank

Original version: The front of the USB port of the USB port and the standard USB is a white brass color.

The counterfeit version: Most power-packed banks have a white-white USB port and have a black-and-white micro USB port.

Color of USB ports

5. Print under Power Bank

Principle Power Bank: Print is grayish and clearer. It also has a special texture that can be touched by moving the finger.

Power Bank Original

The counterfeit version is usually more black and white with black ink and sometimes does not have a clear print.

6- Function of LED lights when used

Original version: In this version, the lights blink at PowerBank when displaying power status.

At any time, holding the power button will turn off all the LED lights, and when the button is released, the lights will light up.

The lights are well packed and even light particles do not leak into other areas of the Power Bank.

Fake version: When you press the power button once, the LED lights blink. If you hold the button, the lights will not turn off. Also, the lights are not well packed. Usually, they broadcast from the USB port.

7. Trademark on standard USB port

Original version: The PowerBank is a standard small brand on the standard USS port. This mark is very small, but it is easily visible under natural light or a light source.


Fake version: False copies do not have such a mark.

8 - Internal Batteries

If you still can not recognize the original version, open the Power Bank and check the internal batteries:

Original version: Batteries are trademarks of international brands such as Panasonic, Samsung and LG.

Fake copies: Generated locally or fake batteries that are generally fake.

9. Power Bank has no 20800 mAh

There are a lot of comments about the 20,800 mAh Power Bank. There are some vendors selling Xiaomi PowerBook with a power of 20,800 mAh, but Xiaomi PowerBank does not have such a power. So if you saw a retailer in China or an eBay seller selling a PowerBank with such a power, you should know that a Power Bank is a fake one.

10. Cutting edges of aluminum body

In the models of 5000, 5200, 10,000, and 10400 mAh, the cut-out of the aluminum body is homogeneous and has a texture close to the other points, is perfectly polished, smooth and clean, yet non-glossy, while in fake models this cut is sometimes a Or do not have some of the above features.

MI-port-3 Unlike other Xiaomi mainboards, in the 16,000-mAh model, the rear edges of the aluminum body also come with a 45-degree double-sided CNC machine, so that the area is clearly evident by changing the angle of the power bank and reflecting the light. Other features are also available for the other four models at the beginning of this paragraph in the 16000 mAh model.

But in fake cases, most of the news is that they do not have a double cut of 45 degrees.

Therefore, by recognizing Power Bank, you can save money and enjoy the quality of Xiaomi products. On the other hand, with the purchase of Shi'aomi's original Power Bank, you also avoid the dangers of the Power Bank Counterfeit.


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