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Google s Pixel Tablet may have appeared at FCC

A new Google device surfaced at the FCC today that could well be the upcoming Pixel Tablet. At the FCC, the tablet appeared under Google's ID as A4RGTU8P. However, A4RGTU8P is not the model number of the upcoming Google Pixel tablet. This device is listed as "Wireless Device", which is a fairly generic description. Nowhere in these documents is it referred to as a tablet. The device supports Bluetooth LE, WiFi 6 and UWB. While that's not the most concrete proof that this is actually the Pixel Tablet, what else could it be? Sources): FCC The post Google's Pixel Tablet may have appeared at FCC appeared first on xiaomist's blog .

xiaomi college backpack

Xiaomi has tried to make backpacks and bags for every taste and flavor. The product is ahead of Xiaomi's backpack, due to the nature of its various pockets for laptops, books, and more. Xiaomi college backpack Xiaomi University backpack is a 14-inch rectangular backpack with simple style and style suitable for all people. The textbooks and colleges usually have spaces dedicated to books, laptops, auto and office. Unlike its simple appearance, it has an external pocket and a number of enclosures inside and outside which are embedded in different shapes. In the backpack of the university, pockets for the mobile phone, Power Bank, auto, even the key for the glasses are also included. The texture of this bag is 100% polyester and this Xiaomi shoe backpack is waterproof and anti-stacked so that it is not a concern when drinking water or a variety of drinks if it is poured onto a rumble, because the droplets do not penetrate the backpack and The backpack remains clean. The

mi robot builder review

In a world where everything goes hand-in-hand, gadgets are also smart, the Xiaomi toy is a product of the same direction. The Xiaomi Smart Toy Tank with nearly 1000 pieces, made of high quality precision blocks made of quality materials, can be the best gift for children. The tanks have a superb cross-barrier chassis. The components of this toy are made of lightweight and high-strength materials, and the unique reinforcement of its gears increases the strength and agility of the tire in motion. The 32-bit ARM Cortex Mx processor used in the Xiaomi Smart Toy Tank has very fast processing power. The main control module has three lithium-ion 1650mAh batteries, which can be used for a long time. Optimized remote control mode, more powerful programming and a new voice-controlled mode make it easy to use this toy. With the presence of various ways to control the robot, the Xiaomi Smart Toy Tank has become a fascinating and entertaining way. The tank dimensions are 229x198x234

xiaomi mi 90 points clothes waterproof storage bag

The Xiaomi waterproof cover when folded is as small as a small box and when it is opened, it has the size of a suitcase for your clothes and clothes. XIAOMI MI 90 POINTS CLOTHES WATERPROOF STORAGE BAG Sorting clothes is always one of the hard-working things, whether at home or on travel. This time, Xiaomi has begun producing a product that allows you to easily customize all your outfits and keep them clean, in addition to less space. This product is nothing other than the 90 Pointe Xiaomi waterproof cover cover which we will cover in this product. Designing: The Xiaomi Xiaomi cover, with its large opening and spacious design, has the ability to regulate many costumes. Also, with a very tidy lace at the top of this product, you can see your clothes, so you do not need to open zippers repeatedly to find them. In addition, if you do not use it, you can zoom in to store space and easy to carry, and see that this small size cover is about a bit larger than a cup. The use of

xiaomi automatic umbrella review

The Xiaomi umbrella is not an ordinary umbrella. It's hard for us to pull up the umbrella after it's opened. This umbrella is fully automatic and is easily closed with one hand, the next feature is to be used in rain and sunshine because of the nylon sex This particular umbrella protects you against ultraviolet rays of the sun. Xiaomi umbrella Xiaomi Umbrellas is one of the products that Xiaomi has released under the MIJIA platform. This umbrella is a folding automatic umbrella with a protective cover that can prevent the influence of rain. Taiwan's FONEWR Waterproof Woven Fabric is lightweight but also has a high density, and therefore sturdy and durable. Even after heavy rain, the water slowly slips on the surface of the umbrella and does not penetrate. The main feature of the Xiaomi Umbrella is the automatic folding design that it can easily open and close automatically; this, in turn, makes the umbrella open and close easily with one hand. The umbrella is

xiaomi mi drone review

Xiaomi's UAV disassembly Xiaomi has recently unveiled a UAV, and, like other products, it's a surprise to consider the features and the price. The four detachable propellers are designed for flying and aerial photography. The 17.4 volt battery at 5100 mAh can continuously fly for 27 minutes. A portable camcorder that can take shots without flickering photos or videos, and even for its audience, a live wallpaper that flies. The parts of the camera are detached from the UAV and placed in a box. With Xiaomi's UAV drill in place, you'll be in the news magazine. Film quality and aerial photography of the Xiaomi Bird's Camera The camera embedded on this small bird is 1080p or 4K. The lens is wide-open and covers 104 degrees. The photos that the camera receives has a size of 2160 × 3840 pixels. People who are familiar with photography can enjoy the RAW photography features. The video captured by this 720p camera is also capable of sending up to 2km of live video t

How To Detect Original Power Of The Fake ?

The original Xiaomi Power Bank has earned a lot of attention due to its manufacturing quality, its features and its cheaper prices. Unfortunately, more popularity has more fake counterfeits, and the current scenario is that the power of the Xiaomi counterfeit banks in the market is more than legally authorized. The following are different tests that help you diagnose a misleading copy of the power of Xiaomi banks. The difference between the original version and the counterfeit Depending on the fabrication of counterfeit factories, some items that are similar to the original version may be present, but most of these tests will certainly fail. Types of original versions Xiaomi Power Banks sells only six of the following: 5000 mA Power Bank (Unveiled in 2015) Power Bank 5200 mAh (production stopped) Power Bank 10000 mAh (Unpacked in 2015) Power Bank is 10400 mAh (production stopped) 16000 mA Power Bank (Unveiled in 2015) 20000 mA Power Bank (Unpacked in November 2015)

xiaomi business backpack review

The Xiaomi backpack with a capacity of 17 liters and its three-layer design, made of Oxford fabric, is lightweight, waterproof and durable. It is a backpack that, thanks to its good quality, can be used in classical environments like the university or workplace. Xiaomi Classic Business Backpacks Unique Xiaomi handbags with a stylish appearance, and with great quality and durability, are the best choice for college, travel or work. Xiaomi Classic Business Backpack with 17 liters capacity and 3-layer design, made of 1260D Oxford fabric, lightweight, waterproof and durable. This rectangular cube has a simple, minimalist look and only two zipper pockets in front of it. However, it is ideal for spatial planning and the existence of different compartments, and it has not been spotted. You can place any typewriter or any of your devices, such as a laptop, tablet, phone, power bank, flash, auto, and notebook, or even keys at a special location. Aside from all this, the elastic pock

xiaomi travel backpack

The Xiaomi Xiaomi travel bag is a quality product of Xiaomi for a tough problem. Its small size makes it easy to carry, and its zipper alloy is anti-rust and you can count on it for a long time. Xiaomi Small Traveler Bag Xiaomi's small travel bag is another charming Xiaomi product, a perfect companion to travel. This bag is made of nylon fabric with a checkered pattern, while lightweight. The zipper is made of zinc alloy and is stainless and of high quality. The Xiaomi's small travel bag made of polyamide and PU coating is waterproof, anti-static, durable and durable, and can be easily used on rainy days. The capacity of the bag is 2 liters. You can organize and organize your items in this fairly large space. When traveling, make cosmetics, toothbrushes, razors and other personal belongings in your bag and enjoy its light weight and order. The ribbon handle, such as the bag, allows the carrier to carry and hang it. The dimensions of the Xiaomi Xiaomi small tra

xiaomi urban lifestyle backpack review

Do you get used to carrying bags or backpacks when you go out? If this is the case, we will propose an appropriate alternative to you. Xiaomi has brought back another backpack for his fans, this time in the style of urban life. Maybe you want to give someone a gift! Where would you like to go with this backpack? Office, school or travel? In any case, the Urban Xiaomi backpack will be unique to you wherever you are. It has a very nice design and has a lot of pockets inside it that is suitable for people who carry a lot of stuff. You can include a laptop, an iPad, a cell phone, a power bank, a headset, and many other gadgets in it. Xiaomi Urban Backpack is definitely a dream bag for people who love gadget! General specifications Dimensions 39cm 30cm 14cm

turok steinhardt sunglasses review

Weight 200 g brand Xiaomi Color Blue, Gray, Golden

xiaomi towel review

Xiaomi Antibacterial Towel made from cotton fiber, soft and soft skin that does not damage the skin, and with the help of Swedish raw material technology to prevent the growth of fungi and bacteria, this makes it a long-lasting bottle of toast Stay and smell bad. Antibacterial Towel ZSH Xiaomi Antibacterial Towel ZSH Xiaomi is made of high-strength cotton fiber that is soft and delicate and skin-friendly. The Swedish antibacterial technology and materials used in the towel fabric, without damaging the skin, effectively inhibit the growth of fungi and bacteria or create a bad smell. The ZSH towel absorption capacity is extraordinary, and can quickly dry your hair. The percentage of absorption of this towel is 6 times higher than similar products. The technology used in cotton fibers brings the softness of the towel to the optimal level without the need to add softening materials. This product is fully environmentally friendly and has no chemical composition in its constructio

xiaomi mijia qicycle review

250W high speed engine Panasonic lithium battery 18650 Distance traveled with a charge of 45 km Torque measurement sensor 3-speed hydraulic A complete combination of manpower and electricity Data monitoring - Speed, distance, dynamic power, calorie intake Xiaomi Electric Bike, Intelligent Bike, This smart bike has an app that gives you complete information when riding a bike. Torque sensors help make city trip easy and fun The idbike torque measurement (TMM) intelligently measures applied torque and adjusts the power based on your pedaling. Torque sensor is a sensor that adjusts engine power based on the power of cycling. Relaxing and fun, a unique riding experience Panasonic 18650 20X 2900mAh Li-ion battery cell (similar battery used in Tesla) has Battery Development System (BMS), which allows you to get 45km of charge at a single charge. Battery Management System Detailed display for each battery cell (voltage, temperature, charging / dis

Xiaomi Yueli Portable Hair Massage Ionic Comb

Xiaomi yueli Hair Brush Another health product of Xiaomi, human hair naturally with + ions + - When you hair your hair after washing, hair ions disappear and hair is disturbed (Wiz). To avoid such a problem, Xiaomi has a new approach. With Xiaomi hair brush, you can easily brush your hair and prevent it from dry and rough.